Work - it's not a lightweight...

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Work - it's not a lightweight fun Work - it's not a lightweight fun. It is known that labor, for example, scientist, poet, composer or artist, filled with the highest creative content and ultimately bringing joy and satisfaction, coupled with the painful search, experiences and disappointments. In addition, the society

But the theme of the free...

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But the theme of the free development of... But the theme of the free development of the individual holds a dominant position in the writings of the radical Left. The problem of production, relations of production at the same time pushed back far into the background. Marcuse, for example, believes

They treat the growth of material...

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They treat the growth of material well-being of workers as proof copy of the bourgeois model of consumption and the beginning of becoming bourgeois socialist countries. Vulgarizing approach to the problem of consumption is found most clearly in the West German economist and sociologist, Ulrich O.. For example, he says that the consumption of material goods one must

Names - but the process...

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Names - but the process is, in the opinion of Soviet scientists, causes progressive convergence between developing countries and the countries of the socialist orientation of the socialist community. Along with this there is the promotion of a number of former colonial countries on the path

Help socialist countries...

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Help socialist countries States embarked... Help socialist countries States embarked on the non-capitalist path of development is directed primarily to the establishment of key sectors of the economy, and thus differs radically from the substance of foreign economic

All this indicates Amin, committed...

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All this indicates Amin, committed as part of the "natural" laws of the market economy. His conclusions regarding the effects of the ugliness and brutality of capitalist industrialization in developing - ddyuschemsya world fair. It is impossible not to share his indignation at the local oligarchy and international financial capital - the perpetrators of the suffering of millions of people on the planet. S. Amin - a major historian, whose

The other factor...

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The other factor of production - capital - all allegedly rewarded equally, because, as he says, the rate of profit in all regions of the globe is the same amount. (The third factor - the land and the associated ground-rent, the landlord took out, it leaves unanswered. ) This inequality of remuneration of labor in different countries, according to Emmanuel, is the result of unequal

Emmanuelle without any evidence... Emmanuelle...

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Emmanuelle without any evidence... Emmanuelle without any evidence claims that the surplus product ("economic surplus"), taken away from the periphery, creates the material basis "sverhzarplaty" workers industrially developed capitalist countries, it is certain that the "surplus" goes to the proletariat, not monopolies. Herein lies, in his opinion, the reason for the large

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