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» » » Work - it's not a lightweight...
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Work - it's not a lightweight...

Автор: olegj от 16-07-2013, 16:07

Work - it's not a lightweight...

Work - it's not a lightweight fun Work - it's not a lightweight fun. It is known that labor, for example, scientist, poet, composer or artist, filled with the highest creative content and ultimately bringing joy and satisfaction, coupled with the painful search, experiences and disappointments. In addition, the society of the future will always be a need to perform duties related to the daily life of the people and the functioning of the social organism. Trying to imagine the future of work as labor-fun, radical theorists (A. Sohn-Rethel and others) distort Marx's famous statement about the disappearance of communism in the former division of labor, to enslave man. They believe that under these conditions will be eliminated any division of labor. This utopia they associate with the destruction of the national economic management, the establishment of autonomous communes, in which, in accordance with the anarcho-sindikalistsknmi ideas will be "full of industrial democracy.

" But if you are liquidated commodity-money relations, on the one hand, and the centralized management of the economy across the country - on the other, the question arises: how can the municipality will share with each other the fruits of their work? Or they will go to the natural and semi-subsistence farming? And what about the giant power plants, vehicles, businesses serving the whole country? P. Goodman for "syndicalist socialism" that is, a society composed of independent self-governing communes, calls not only give of their level of socialization of production, the economic integrity, but also on economic efficiency, which is derived from this level.

As the ideal of radical leftist theorists offer so-called "communitarian way of life." With his promotion was made by American levoradikal R. Margolis.

Work - it's not a lightweight...

This way of life is presented as a decisive factor "decentralized socialism in the framework of capitalist society", which is supposed to gradually transform into a socialist, but the essence of this transition intelligibly not disclosed. In general, their beliefs...

Work - it's not a lightweight...

Socialism. " In general, their views represent a hodgepodge of vulgarized Marxism, complete with pre-Marxian ideas of utopian socialism and fashionable in the modern Western ideas of sociology neofreydizma. According to Mandel, genuine socialism - a society of abundance, which abolished private ownership of the means of production, the state and the commodity-money relations, is in full satisfaction of all members of society. It is not interested in how society achieves the welfare conditions of confrontation between the two world systems.

Ignoring expressed by Marx in the "Critique of the Gotha Program," historic ideas. Inevitability of the two phases of communist society - socialism and communism complete, Mandel refuses to recognize the need for distribution according to work on the first phase of it - under socialism.

In a manner typical of the petty-bourgeois model of "true socialism" it comes down to the economic aspect of the issue of "fair," that is, in his opinion, the equal distribution of income. Mandel does not want to know that is not the distribution determines the nature of production, and, conversely, the manufacturing process causes and the corresponding relations of distribution.

Mandel's views about the nature of "true socialism" is not confined to the sphere of distribution. He believes in a "fully developed socialism" die off completely, not only goods, money, classes, the state, the social division of labor, but labor itself and disappears in the conventional sense of the word. Replaced by a "creative practice." Work, according to Mandel, under socialism must become "creative play", and the person has to turn into a "game" person.

Work - it's not a lightweight...

That takes a few theorists levoradikalizma transformation of the mode of production, evidenced by the fact that the problem of efficiency is their secondary. Some of them are "true socialism" are in the form of low-consumption society. That is why they attach such importance substantiating the thesis "difficult game." Marcuse, P. Goodman write a lot about what work should become a source of pleasure, as compensation for the deprivation in consumption.

Under the influence of Freudianism, they are difficult game as a genuine manifestation of human nature as an expression of emancipation of man and his instincts. They agree even to the point that offer to introduce "the elements of eroticism" in the process of labor - "creative practice." "Recipes" Mandel directed... "Recipes" Mandel directed to the dismantling of the main elements of real existing socialism.

It is the elimination of the centralized state planning and management of the process of social reproduction, which is a vital prerequisite for a permanent and stable economic development under socialism, opens the door to rampant forces of market forces and the rebirth of socialism to capitalism. For a high degree of socialization of the productive forces under socialism objectively requires centralized control of the organs of the state, the conscious planning of social production.

Contrary to this absurd fabrications in the countries of real socialism and there never was a "degenerated transitional society" was not in them, and some fictional forms of bureaucratic domination.

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