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» » » They treat the growth of material...
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They treat the growth of material...

Автор: olegj от 10-07-2013, 14:22

They treat the growth of material...

They treat the growth of material well-being of workers as proof copy of the bourgeois model of consumption and the beginning of becoming bourgeois socialist countries. Vulgarizing approach to the problem of consumption is found most clearly in the West German economist and sociologist, Ulrich O.. For example, he says that the consumption of material goods one must ask, if he does not accept that the most certain way of production and social structure? Who, for example, finds a means of mass transportation vehicle, said Ulrich, who is a supporter of the capitalist mode of production and way of life. Radical leftist theorists Marcuse, R. Margolis, and others believe in a "modern industrialism" - as a capitalist and socialist - increased wealth must inevitably lead to spiritual impoverishment to the "dehumanization" of man. They thus ignore the fact that things are not in themselves directly and immediately determine a person's behavior, form (or hideously deformed), his moral character, determine his spiritual world, and the way in which these things are acquired, how and for what purposes are used - reasonable or not. This crucially depends not on the things themselves, but from the specific economic, social and political relations, from a range of cultural, ideological, and other factors that have a direct impact on the life, consciousness and behavior. Real socialism and radical leftist...

They treat the growth of material...

Real socialism and radical leftist utopia representations of real socialism have left radical theorists are based on the concept of anti-Soviet "society in transition" concocted by Trotsky still in line with the socialist countries it is a kind of "transitional society" in which "co-exist" as elements of capitalism, as and elements of socialism. Public ownership of the means of production - is the attribute of socialism, but the political power concentrated in the hands of the "got bourgeois bureaucracy," prevents society evolve into socialism.

So it needs a political revolution that would eliminate the power of the bureaucracy. This doctrine is so contrary to fact, that, in its original form in the past has ceased to be a success, even in the most persistent anti-Soviet. Therefore, the Belgian theorist Mandel decided to upgrade the concept of Trotsky. He believes that the preservation of real socialism in the countries of commodity-money relations, and there is proof that socialism in these countries does not exist.

As a common characteristic that defines a transitional society with uncertain, as he puts it, prospects, Mandel highlights "the conflict that exists between the two logics economy: the logic of the plan and the logic of the market," Mandel's ideas regarding unnatural "hybridization of the plan and the market" devoid of any originality. They are entirely borrowed from the arsenal of bourgeois sovietologists that made defamation of real socialism of his main profession. Absolutising contradictory notions of plan and market, Mandel can not understand that a socialist society uses commodity-money relations in the framework defined by the systematic nature of social reproduction. Cancel commodity-money relations under socialism is impossible - they are objective.

Commodity-money relations and related category is not undermined (as Mandel says) a socialist economy, and serve it correctly, if used correctly. Distorted assessment of the role of the proletariat of industrial...

Distorted assessment of the role of the proletariat industrialized countries associated with the radicals with a distorted assessment of the role and importance in the world of the socialist countries. The idea of ??"becoming bourgeois" of the proletariat are interwoven with the idea of ??"oburzhuazyvaniya" socialist countries, with their allocation, as well as the imperialist countries, states to "rich North" and the developing world - to the "poor South".

They treat the growth of material...

This makes it difficult to find a scientific approach to finding the true location of the developing world in the confrontation between the two world systems. Radical theorists, of course, are right when they say that imperialism continues to use the former colonies, now liberated countries, using a variety of methods. Imperialism is still, to use Marx's expression, appropriates part of their surplus labor, "without giving anything in return.

They treat the growth of material...

" But radicals refuse to acknowledge that the contradiction between imperialism and the developing countries now undergoing a differentiation. After all, as the transition of some developing countries on the path of socialist orientation arise prerequisites for escalating this conflict to another - between socialism and capitalism.

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