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Help socialist countries...

Автор: olegj от 6-07-2013, 03:11

Help socialist countries...

Help socialist countries States embarked... Help socialist countries States embarked on the non-capitalist path of development is directed primarily to the establishment of key sectors of the economy, and thus differs radically from the substance of foreign economic relations of the liberated countries and the developed capitalist countries. Amin draws attention to an important feature of the (already identified in the Marxist science) under the law of uneven development involving new states into the global capitalist economy is going at a faster pace than in the development of their internal processes leading to the formation of the capitalist mode of production.

Help socialist countries...

Of course, this involvement means to them the role of unequal partner, supplier of cheap raw materials, and often transformation in the field of uncontrolled activity of the international monopolies. All this leads to a massive impoverishment of the rural population that has lost touch with the traditional production, but not yet involved in the capitalist.

Especially painful these processes in the countries that have preserved their social and economic structure of a large proportion of pre-capitalist ways of life and experiencing great difficulties as against imperialist plunder, and many of the unresolved internal problems, such as the agrarian overpopulation, compounded by "population explosion". A number of these countries (especially in sub-Saharan Africa) continues to be inert in economic terms.

Amin extrapolates this inertia (wearing a relative, temporary) for the whole "third world. " Such views lead to levoekstremistskomu economic nationalism, calls for "self-reliance" in the complete failure of the economic relations of the liberated countries and the developed capitalist countries. Such sentiments, widely spread in the newly independent countries of the capitalist orientation, show an increase of tension in the relations of these countries with the countries of advanced capitalism, as well as the profound crisis that struck a "model" of capitalist development of the liberated countries.

Attempts to present the Lenin... Attempts to represent Lenin as his ally in attacking Marxism is based on falsification of Amin Leninist theory of imperialism. Pointing to the parasitism and decay inherent in imperialism as a whole and each of its features separately, including the export of capital, Lenin, however, never considered that the export of capital can "lock" (as suggested by Amin) socio-economic development of the country receiving foreign capital.

Help socialist countries...

On the contrary, Lenin considered it necessary to point out that in the era of imperialism "export of capital in those countries to which it is directed, has an impact on the development of capitalism and greatly accelerates his" . Uneven economic and political development of different countries, intensified in the era of imperialism, in no way means at Lenin's rejection of the universalization general historical laws and the opposition (like Amina) natural laws of historical development of countries in the same region of the Earth the laws of other countries regions. Deep pessimism caused by the anti-people economic and social policies of the ruling elite in several countries of the capitalist orientation, which is widely opened the doors to foreign capital, Amin transfers to countries of socialist orientation.

Help socialist countries...

It does not take into account the fact that most of these countries in terms of national income are still among the poorest, yet in a relatively short period with the help of the socialist countries have made substantial progress in its political and economic development. These achievements should be attributed primarily to further consolidation of the revolutionary forces, proclaimed scientific socialism and its ideological basis for guiding the process of progressive social and economic development of their countries, raising the material and cultural level of the poorer classes, the introduction of free education and medical care, important reforms before all agricultural. The modern sector - is, as a rule, branches...

The modern sector - is, as a rule, subsidiaries of multinational monopolies, where cheap labor is used and manufactured products for export. Prior to the ruling elite, every time there is a choice: where to direct limited resources - material, human, financial, including foreign loans - to fund the expanded reproduction of the means of subsistence, or to allocate more of them to increase the production of products for export?

And in countries where every year from disease and starvation, millions of children are dying, the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, for the sake of personal gain favors the export sector, the service sector and the goods-producing "prestige consumption. "

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