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» » » Names - but the process...
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Names - but the process...

Автор: olegj от 8-07-2013, 04:26

Names - but the process...

Names - but the process is, in the opinion of Soviet scientists, causes progressive convergence between developing countries and the countries of the socialist orientation of the socialist community. Along with this there is the promotion of a number of former colonial countries on the path of capitalism, and as a natural consequence - the appearance there of their own monopoly capital. The contradictions between these countries * and imperialism, of course, did not disappear, but they have become a different character.

Lack of understanding of the dialectic of contradiction between imperialism and the free states have left - is often associated with radical petty-egalitarian views. Individualistic psychology, complete with petty uravnitelstva sermon, find radical leftist theorists and their value judgments regarding the theory and practice of real socialism. Trying to prove that the monopoly...

Trying to prove that a monopoly would be provided if the rise of the welfare of the working class in "their" countries, Amin falsifies the facts. He says, for example, that in the conditions of capitalism dohmonopolisticheskogo for a century wages of the developed capitalist countries remained at a constant level and start to grow only in the era of imperialism. In fact, according to current research, it is indicated for a century, per capita income in the developed capitalist countries dramatically outperformed the related income workers periphery.

Names - but the process...

If at the beginning of the XIX century. the ratio of income between the first and second was: then to this proportion had been.

Amin argues that rising wages advanced capitalist center began when having a monopoly. In support of his point, he refers to Lenin, who wrote about bribing the monopolies of the labor aristocracy in the imperialist countries. But after Lenin never identified the tip of the working class with all of the proletariat.

Moreover, the leader of the world proletariat pointed out with reference to the bourgeois official statistics, a significant decline in real wages of workers in the advanced capitalist countries in the epoch of imperialism in the decades preceding the First World War. Similar reductions were observed her during the longest post-war history of the economic crisis - of course, increase real incomes caused by rising labor costs and hard struggle of the proletariat under the leadership of the Communist and workers' parties and trade unions, as was the case under monopoly capitalism, as and the conditions of imperialism. However, on the second and third stages of the general crisis of capitalism such successes working people in capitalist countries achieved in no small part due to the existence of the socialist community, the impact of which is felt in all areas of economic, social and political life of the planet. Here are the circumstances of this theoretical radicalism hard not to notice. Under these conditions, the concept of "economic...

In these circumstances, the concept of "economic surplus" is the theoretical basis of the requirements of the newly independent states to do away with neo-colonial plunder. Thus, radical theorists of capitalist "periphery" act as champions of the new international economic order, which required the establishment of the General Session of the United Nations in support of it were the Soviet Union and other socialist countries.

Names - but the process...

But achieving these objectives, a significant acceleration of economic and cultural development of the underdeveloped countries are not associated with the self-imposed isolation, not to preach the reactionary ideas of self-sufficiency, national or religious isolation. It can only be carried out by the anti-imperialist struggle in close cooperation with the countries of real socialism. Autarchy (Greek autarkeia - self-satisfaction) - the policy of economic isolation of the country, creating a closed, self-sustaining economy.

Names - but the process...

On Amin's interpretation of imperialism, as well as the views of other radical theorists seriously influenced by their rejection of the Marxist concept of INSTRUCTION * dyaschey role of the industrial proletariat in the world revolutionary process. Although Amin criticized. Emmanuel for his explanation of the causes of unequal exchange center to the periphery of high-wage workers industrialized countries, but in the end he comes to conclusions very close to the findings of the French levoradikala: he, like Emmanuel, in his analysis omits the monopoly profit, therefore, and the "economic surplus", is pumped out of the periphery, according to his logic, should accrue to the working class of the imperialist center.

But Amin goes even further: he claims that the monopoly in industrialized countries voluntarily went to the increase of wages in these countries, as supposedly the only way they were able to solve the problem of marketing the finished products in mass production. Here he clearly shows the influence of Keynesianism - the bourgeois economic theory, which asserts that it is possible to increase the total social demand, leading it into line with the production capacity. This doctrine, as it is based on a number of government regulation of the economy of the developed capitalist countries in the middle, with the beginning of a deep economic crisis - has suffered a serious bankruptcy.

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