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» » » No matter how big negative... No matter...
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No matter how big negative... No matter...

Автор: olegj от 2-07-2013, 05:24

No matter how big negative... No matter...

No matter how big negative... No matter how big the negative effects of unequal exchange in the developing world, this exchange, however, is not the only cause of underdevelopment, as claimed by Emmanuel and other radicals. Another very important reason is the internal factors of economic and social development of the newly independent states, although, of course, internal factors are experiencing external pressure.

Supporters of the concept emmanyuelevskoy as of paramount equitable redistribution of the "economic surplus" in favor of the developing countries. This is undoubtedly a very important question.

No matter how big negative... No matter...

The global injustice exchange of values ??between the imperialist countries and developing countries is, as mentioned above, one of the major reasons the plight of the latter. Poor is that the analysis of the causes of the followers of Emmanuel essentially complete examination of the problems and the "Third World." However, only changes in the distribution, no matter how important they are, by themselves can not fundamentally solve the problem of poverty and backwardness, though, will largely contribute to such a decision. Many left radicals (eg, S. Amin) understand the concept of weakness emmanyuelevskoy and subjected to criticism.

However, this concept continues to influence many theorists levoradikalizma, including even those who criticize. This is due, first, to the general availability of its understanding, and secondly (more importantly), it is built on a common misconception about the guilt of the radical Left of the working class industrially developed capitalist countries, allegedly lost its class consciousness. The vast majority of left-wing radical economists are convinced that a large part of the working class in the imperialist countries is indifferent to the plight of the people of developing countries and makes no effort to force their governments to stop the neo-colonial plunder. Who, then, is... Who, then, are the looted wealth in developing countries?

The lion's share of the enormous resources that the imperialist world pumps out of the developing countries, there is, of course, the proletariat of the imperialist center, and not even all of its capitalists, but basically only a handful of transnational monopolies. For them, this source of wealth is really quite significant. Therefore, it is understandable why they are relying on the power of the states, with a sophisticated persistence tend to keep developing countries in subjection developed imperialist countries. In order to maintain their privileges, they can donate and donate his share of the loot agency in the working class.

No matter how big negative... No matter...

This is a relatively small part of the proletariat, the so-called labor aristocracy. The vast majority of the proletariat of the imperialist countries, how much does not enjoy the fruits of exploitation of the workers of the "third world." Moreover, they are operated in the capital and the struggle against it is therefore a natural ally of the workers of the liberated countries.

No matter how big negative... No matter...

Mass of the surplus product, which is through the mechanism of monopoly pricing and other channels withdrawn from developing countries and then, turning to the dollar, securities or precious metals, deposited in bank vaults monopoly in its size is huge. If we compare it with the relatively modest in terms of the national income of the majority of the developing countries, it becomes clear what a huge pay tribute to these countries to international financial capital.

At the XXVII Congress of the CPSU noted: "It is no exaggeration to say that the system of imperialism continues to live largely by robbing developing countries of their most ruthless exploitation. Its forms and methods vary, but the essence remains the same, "to be paid this tribute seriously reduces the possibility of new states in the development of industry and agriculture, because it causes an acute shortage of capital. The lack of resources they have to compensate for external borrowing, and this, in turn, further enhances their economic and political dependence on the imperialist centers, forced to pay in increasing the amount of loan repayments.

"With the economic and technological dependence, the unequal status of the newly independent countries in the world capitalist economy, imperialism ruthlessly exploits them by charging a multi-billion dollar tribute, debilitating the economies of these countries - in the Programme of the CPSU. - Giant indebted countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America industrially developed capitalist states has become an important channel of their operation imperialism, particularly American. "

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