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And if these countries...

Автор: olegj от 12-07-2013, 02:44

And if these countries...

And if these countries could be considered as a transitional society, it is only in the sense that socialism itself is just a phase in human development to full communism. Requirements to liquidate the socialist state objectively betrays the socialist revolution, disarmament in the face of increasingly aggressive policy of imperialism, more insidious machinations of its agents. Considering the really existing socialism through the prism of turbid non-scientific concepts, many levora - radicals exhibit a distorted view of the socialist reality.

Hence their nihilistic attitude to real socialism, the search for a "third way" of social development that could, in their opinion, lead to a "true socialism" * "healthy", "appeasement" of society. But what exactly is this "true socialism"?

And what are the ways to achieve it? The views of the radical Left on this issue are not monolithic, they have a lot of confusion and contradiction. Especially not developed the economic aspect of the 'true with At the same radical leftist theorists things... At the same radical leftist theorists things fetish, endowed with some supernatural properties. They, and not the social conditions of life, as if run by human consciousness.

Such reasoning is deeply flawed. Under socialism, the growth of material well-being of workers made on the basis of the growth of the efficiency of production, does not lead, as under capitalism, to the strengthening of social and economic inequality, to increased social tensions between different sectors of society. Communists have never drove higher living standards to only one income growth and the use of consumer goods. It is true that in a socialist society have to meet with the manifestations of bourgeois psychology, greed and hoarding of mind.

And if these countries...

But not this determines the main line of our social and political development. Antipodes of communist morality always remain subject to sharp, relentless criticism from the public. Particularly deep and consistent condemnation of these phenomena, as incompatible with socialism and the socialist way of life, were at the XXVII Congress of the CPSU.

Considered necessary in the near future to implement additional measures against parasites, plunderers of socialist property, bribe, against those who have taken the path alien to the nature of our system of labor. However, the radical leftist theorists tend to interpret proprietary aspirations of individual groups of people, their contempt for the public interest in their own way to use them for speculation about the rebirth of real socialism, the existence here of a "ruling class".

These slanderous allegations are combined with outright calls for counter-revolution, which they called "political revolution." They need to replace the existing socialist countries in the political system of the introduction of some kind of utopian self-government of autonomous producers, the withering away of the state, the elimination of commodity-money relations and differences in income, changes in social relations in general.

Target of attacks Mandel and his supporters... Target of attacks Mandel and his supporters is also central planning.

And if these countries...

It links the origins of planning is not the objective requirements of the socialist economy and the monopoly of "managerial stratum of society" in managing the economy and private enterprise, with distribution relationships. Unlike Mandela, who still connects socialism and communism with the achievement of abundance, other theorists levoradikalizma (P. Goodman, A. Ullrich, A. Re-Zone - tor), the main shortcoming of real socialism perceive a high level of consumption of the masses. These theorists because of perverse logic see in improving the welfare of the people is not the conquest of socialism, and almost his vice.

They cause the condemnation not only a high level of satisfaction of the needs of the population in the USSR and other countries - members of the CMEA, but the fact of there complications consumption patterns, increasing the share of durable goods - household appliances, televisions, etc. levoradikalizma theorists call a high demand and how to meet them as bourgeois and counter-revolutionary.

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