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» » » But the theme of the free...
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But the theme of the free...

Автор: olegj от 14-07-2013, 05:34

But the theme of the free...

But the theme of the free development of... But the theme of the free development of the individual holds a dominant position in the writings of the radical Left. The problem of production, relations of production at the same time pushed back far into the background. Marcuse, for example, believes that the education of the new man to enter the "biological dimension" a revolution in the structure of human instincts. Some left radicals have announced that the man of the future should be completely liberated from all conventions, because otherwise it does not get rid of the authoritarian-bureaucratic form of government.

They are trying to revive the sex-economic theory of the German radical B. Reich, who believed that the basis of all forms of social oppression must be sought in the suppression of sexuality. He criticized the October Revolution, because it did not destroy the institution of the family as the "factory of authoritarian psychology" that generates the alleged authoritarianism and oppression. Allegations of this kind of "revolutionaries" willingly replicated by bourgeois propaganda, which is quite reasonable sees them as a means to discredit the communist ideals. Of course, the idea of ??such a "communitarian structure" in which each individual is freed from social obligations to obey the will of only one of their "liberated" instincts, which in return will work to rule "creative practice" slave again biological instincts of man - such representations are infinitely far from life and devoid of any scientific basis.

Theorists levoradikalizma, rejecting what they believe, inconsistent experience of real socialism in their projects "communitarian system" and revising the teachings of Marx, "synthesizing" it from utopian socialism, complementing Freudianism, and other hot bourgeois social dokrinami. In this case, without a trace of embarrassment, they (Mandel, Marcuse) present themselves as successors to the cause of Marx. Marcuse, for example, asserted that "if today is as valid categories of Marx's thinking and recognize that they are being further developed to reflect the modern development of capitalism, then the theory of Marx and Freud necessarily include Fourier.

" But what caused this contradiction? But what caused this contradiction? To answer this question, we must recall that the revolt against ultra-bourgeois reality becomes a rebellion against modern technology against any discipline (even quite natural and reasonable), which left radicals called "authoritarian" and "red tape." This makes them ideologically with the psychology of the small proprietor, anarchistic petty bourgeois.

With such individualistic, anarchistic yardstick they are suitable to the evaluation of real socialism and, of course, carry them to their utopian view of "true socialism". That's why they say that in order to achieve "complete freedom" can continue to give up modern technology because it requires a centralized leadership on a national scale, and it de-generates "a bureaucratic hierarchy" that suppresses the human person.

But the theme of the free...

Arguing against the "authoritarian-bureaucratic leadership productive forces", the American theorist of anarchism Goodman and his supporters believe is possible and necessary for the elimination of hierarchical relations in the labor process of destroying the integrity of the economy, to organize the economy totally different way from everything from scratch. It is prepared, and many other radicals thus bring the sacrifice and efficiency. This contemptuous attitude to the problem of efficiency of the radicals - further evidence of the utopian nature of their theories.

They do not even attempt to explain how the same will be taken abundance, as will be shortened working hours, unless there is a constantly growing effectiveness of social production. It is noteworthy that the focus of their attention - meeting the needs of the anarcho-individualism "free" card, which "contra" any form of reasonable discipline, and above all that which stems from the requirements of modern industrial production. It would be naive to expect that in such a society can achieve overall well-being of all its members and all-round harmonious development of the human personality.

But the theme of the free...

Back in the U. S., a number of communes created... Back in the U. S., a number of communes created by the protesting youth as a challenge to bourgeois "establishment" *. Margolis saw them as an example of the Establishment (born istablishment - establishment, the foundation, the institution) - a system of government by which the ruling and privileged group of bourgeois society pursue their masters - "mikrosotsialisticheskoy community", "the outline of the future society" in modern America. But the American left radicals in this case, by their own admission, gravitate to the traditional ideas of the reformist transformation of society, going back to the practice of the early Christians.

By definition, the American sociologist B. Bennett, "communitarian tradition is the oldest" of the new "and most traditional of experimental social movements in the West." Commune - were essentially consumerist nature, industrial activity in them was irregular and was limited to individual crafts. They were based on egalitarian distribution. Some of them quickly fell apart in their place there were new. In a developed society, especially if it prevails class antagonism and fierce competition, such communes may not be viable organisms.

But the theme of the free...

They either die or turn into a form of capitalist cooperation. In what was the meaning of these communes organization? Their initiators and participants created with them the illusion of escape from bourgeois society, the visibility of overcoming the alienation and loneliness-vices inherent in bourgeois society. These communes were selected theorists levoradikalizma as a standard device "truly socialist society.

But the theme of the free...

" Despite the widely publicized claims that thrive in the communities of the principles of collectivism and mutual help, they actually dominated the mood of extreme individualism that arose as a negative reaction to a solid "pre-programming" in all spheres of work, life and leisure, which enjoins upon man modern capitalist reality. Deep rights known West Marxist philosopher Robert Steigerwald, noticing this important feature of the psychology of young rebels: "... our eyes develops different than before, the form of individualism.

Its basis is not so much the protection of private property in the means of production, as first of all the individual from the tyranny of state-monopoly regulation. Hence arises, however, is not only anti-imperialist orientation ultra opposition, but also conflict with socialism and the labor movement in general. "

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