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Develop and adopt the necessary...

Автор: olegj от 28-01-2013, 17:47

Develop and adopt the necessary...

Develop and adopt the necessary rules for standardizing the accounting and reporting of operations undertaken by NCB; adoption of measures relating to the payment of the share capital of the European Central Bank to the extent not regulated by the General Agreement EEC; Develop job descriptions and rules for hiring at the ECB; organizational preparation for the process of establishing a final fixed exchange rate of national currencies to the euro. The President of the European Central Bank is also the chairman of its three governing bodies: the Board of Governors and the Executive Directorate of the General Council, while in the first two cases, it has a casting vote in the event of a tied vote. In addition, the President of the ECB is in external organizations or appoint a trustee for the role. With respect to third parties, he, under the legislation, is the ECB. The national central banks of participating countries are an integral part of the European System of Central Banks and act in accordance with the directions and instructions of the ECB. In the organization of the European Central Bank is widely and successfully used Institute curators, in which each of the six members of the Executive Board of Directors oversees the specific activity of the European Central Bank. ECB Governing Council is authorized to develop monetary policy, and the executive board of directors - put it into practice.

To the extent that this is possible and appropriate, the European Central Bank has recourse to the possibility of national central banks. During the development and establishment of the ESCB preparatory work was carried out, in particular, the three committees and six specialized working group of representatives of the national central banks and the European Monetary Institute. This experience of close co-operation continues within the ESCB with the necessary changes.

Under the guidance of the Board of Governors of thirteen working committees: The Committee of Internal Auditors; Committee of banknotes; The Budget Committee; Committee of external communication; Committee of the accounting and cash income; Legal Committee; Committee on market transactions; The Committee on Monetary Policy; International Relations Committee; Committee on Statistics; Banking Supervision Committee; Information Systems Committee; Committee of the payment and settlement systems. Intermediaries, allowing the European Central Bank to implement the EMU member countries the single monetary policy are its authorized counterparties.

Develop and adopt the necessary...

Credit institutions selected for this purpose must meet a number of criteria: In terms of the mandatory reserve circle of authorized counterparties is limited to only those credit institutions that have established minimum reserves; otherwise, the range of possible authorized counterparties applies to all credit institutions located in the "euro zone". The ECB has the right to non-discriminatory basis to deny the right of access to credit facilities, which by the nature of the activity may not be useful in the conduct of monetary policy; the financial position of authorized counterparties must be verified by the national authorities and found to be satisfactory (this provision does not apply to branches of the organization, the headquarters of which are located outside the European Economic Area); Counterparties must meet the customer's specific operational criteria established by the national central bank or the ECB. Authorized contractors have access to the opportunities of the European System of Central Banks only through the National Central Bank of the State - EMU members in which they are located. NCBs collect enrollment in the operations of the European Central Bank and transmit the data to a central computer ECB in Frankfurt.

Develop and adopt the necessary...

Based on the collected applications ECB determines the market price of resources and releases the appropriate instructions to the national central banks, which are distributed among the contractors operations. Given the capabilities of modern information technology, even a relatively small organization can participate in the operations of the ESCB. If necessary, Tenders may be held for an hour on the basis of electronic information exchange.

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