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Features of the scheme Venture...

Автор: olegj от 18-01-2013, 08:46

Features of the scheme Venture...

Features of the scheme Venture Capital The distribution of roles in the venture capital firm. The general partners of venture firms (which are also referred to as venture capitalists) are the leaders, in other words, they are - professionals investment business. Their career experience may vary, but most of these partners is the CEO at companies such as those that finance their partnership. Venture capital investors called limited partners. This group of investors made up of very wealthy individuals and institutions with large amounts of available capital, such as state and private pension funds, university financial funds, insurance companies and intermediaries of the pooled investments.

Features of the scheme Venture...

Other positions in the venture capital firm represented venture partners and the time-participating employers (VUP). Venture Partners offer deals and profiting from only those transactions on which they work (as opposed to the general partners who profit from all transactions). The structure of venture capital funds. Most venture capital funds, there are 10 years of age. This model was first successfully used the funds of Silicon Valley in the 1980s.

Features of the scheme Venture...

for extensive investments in technology trends, but only during the period of domination, in order to reduce exposure to management and marketing risks of any private company or its products. In such a fund investor has certain obligations to the fund that venture capitalists eventually "begin to curse" until the fund invests. Objects of venture capital investment.

Venture capitalists can be generic or highly specialized investors according to their investment strategy. Universal investors called venture capitalists are investing in different industries, or in companies in different geographic locations, or at different stages of the life cycle of the company. Alternatively, investors may specialize in one or two industries or invest only of a certain geographic area. Not all venture capitalists invest in "start-ups".

Unlike venture capital firms that invest only in companies at an early stage, venture capitalists, in addition to that invest in companies at different stages of the business life cycle. Venture capitalists can invest before will have a real product or company before you will be organized (so-called "seed investment"), or can provide the capital to "run" the company on the first or second stage of development, which is also referred to as "early investment." Venture capitalists can also provide the necessary funding to help the company develop a critical mass of financial and become more successful ("expansion stage financing").

Venture capitalists can invest throughout the entire life cycle of the company, and so some funds focus on investing in the company at a later stage, providing financial assistance to ensure that the company has developed into a "critical mass" and attracted the public to finance the acquisition of shares through the stock exchange. Alternatively, the venture capitalist can help in the merger and acquisition by another company, providing liquidity and access to the founders of the company.

Features of the scheme Venture...

Some venture capital funds, in contrast, specialize in takeover or recapitalization of the reform of joint stock companies open and closed, which are attractive to investors. There are various venture capital funds: those that are widely diversified and invest in companies in a variety of industries ranging from semiconductors, software, and ending with the retail trade and restaurant business, and those who specialize in only one technology. While investment in high technology make up a large part of the U. S. venture capital investments in connection with what venture capital industry has attracted a lot of attention.

Venture capitalists are also investing in companies operating in the construction, manufacturing, business services, etc. Some firms specialize in investing in retail companies, others are focused on investing only in "socially responsible" companies start. Venture capital firms come in various sizes, from small companies specializing in seed funding with a turnover of several million dollars to large firms with a turnover of invested capital around the world more than a billion dollars. The common denominator in all these kinds of venture investing is that venture capitalists - this nepassivnye investors.

They take an active interest in and proper counseling, management and development of the companies in which they invested. They want to increase the value of his experience in investing in the tens and hundreds of companies.

Some venture firms successfully create synergies between the various companies in which they invested. For example, one company that has a great program, but there is no normal distribyuteroskoy technology, can be teamed up with another company or its management portfolio in the venture, which has the best distribution channel technology.

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