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Modern acceptance homes combine...

Автор: olegj от 22-02-2013, 08:46

Modern acceptance homes combine...

Modern acceptance homes combine international operations with the activities of the national capital market, and for most of them, the latter is dominant. Acceptance at home are a group of the largest and most influential commercial banks - "elite" merchant banks. Together with some of the largest number of other retail banks are included in the "Committee of acceptance houses" and the "Association of Issuing Houses". Merchant banks, even the largest, managed a small volume of transactions compared to the "big four" clearing banks. However they are. play an important role in certain areas of banking.

Modern acceptance homes combine...

Merchant banking is very diverse. They perform a wide range of services for industrial and commercial corporations, carry out a variety of international financial and credit transactions.

Despite the differences that exist between the individual merchant banks, there are four common for these areas: emission-founder's activities and organizational consulting services to corporations, international financial and credit transactions; nary confidence (trust) operations, traditional banking (taking deposits, issuance of loans, acceptance surgery). Two of the largest and oldest commercial bank "Rolshild" and "Samuel Montagu" - active participants in the gold market. Foreign banks - are credit institutions established in the United Kingdom, the capital of which is owned by different countries.

These banks are by far the major competitors of British banks. However, the Bank of England under corresponds to their discovery, because, first, it leads to the consolidation of the position of London as a global financial center, and secondly, the foreign banks in the London market to bring these or other national characteristics banking technology, which gradually take over British banks.

For example, in the 60's. U. S. banks have introduced into circulation in the London market for a new kind of securities it as certificates of deposit, which after the U. S. began to produce and British banks. Foreign banks began to base their offices in London in the XIX century. Since the late 1950s. begins a sharp rise in the number of foreign banks in the UK. If at the end of the 1950s.

they were approximately 80, at the end 19b0-x - over 150, currently - over 450. Most foreign banks are open in London, the other - in Birmingham, Liverpool, Aberdeen. U. S. banks - the largest group of foreign banks, followed by Japanese, French, German. A separate group of bank consortia, the capital of which is owned banks in different countries. Foreign banks specialize in operations on the European market, loans from foreign and multinational companies, finance foreign trade.

Modern acceptance homes combine...

In addition, they advise companies on foreign investment and other issues arising during various international operations, providing them with economic and financial information, give advice on the choice of partners. Since 1986, the UK is a single equity trustee savings bank (seyvings Trust Bank - TSB). He combined the trust savings banks that have arisen in the XIX century. Rather, as savings banks than the banks.

The name of the bank due to the fact that they are operated trustees appointed by the local authorities. Since the late 1970s.

expand purely banking operations of these institutions, and above all - the provision of loans. In 1976, a law was passed under which the trustee savings banks were allowed to lend to both corporations BT individual borrowers. Trustee savings bank performs all the basic operations of commercial banks. National Savings Bank (NSB) was established in 1861 as the State Savings Bank.

Modern acceptance homes combine...

As its branches are used post offices. According to the number of deposits NRC is one of the largest savings institutions in the world. Prior to the 1980s. the UK's only credit institution shall enjoy the right to credit the Bank of England, were discount houses.

With this privilege, they played a special role in the British banking system. The name of the discount houses have received in connection with the traditional specialization in accounting bills.

Along with the bills discount houses have long been bought and sold short term government bonds, obligations of local authorities. The main source of resources, discount houses are bank loans: loans mainly for one day and on demand. The banking system of Canada The credit system in Canada has a complex institutional structure, the creation of which had a strong impact credit of the U. S. and the UK. These countries sought to strengthen its position in Canada through the acquisition of national sources of funding. Credit institutions emerged in the colonial period, the functions performed bankers trading companies.

In Canada, acted different branches of foreign credit institutions. First Commercial Bank of Canada was formed in 1817 - "Bank of Montreal." Then there is a number of specialized institutions: insurance companies, trust and mortgage companies, etc.

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