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The effectiveness of control...

Автор: olegj от 30-01-2013, 16:04

The effectiveness of control...

The effectiveness of control exchange rate depends on the policy formation and management of foreign exchange reserves of the Russian Federation. In implementing this policy. Bank of Russia largely follows the principles and the rules are being followed by other central banks in operations with the official foreign exchange reserves: reserves for the maintenance of a minimum level of adequacy (ie, in the amount not less than the financing of imports for three months), providing high degree of reliability, maximum liquidity and profitability of their optimal placement. The vast majority of foreign exchange reserves is located in the securities issued by the governments of the U. S. and Germany.

Like other central banks, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation shall refrain from large-scale placement of foreign exchange reserves in the unsecured money market instruments and mainly carries out operations such as repurchase agreements. A small portion of its reserves it puts on an "overnight" in first class foreign banks within the established limit for each bank. To protect and ensure the stability of the monetary system of Russia directed the Bank of Russia in the field of currency regulation and currency control.

The effectiveness of control...

Acting as the main body of currency regulation and one of the control bodies, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation shall: development of appropriate legal and regulatory framework; preparation and implementation of measures to improve the system of control over the movement of currency within the country, in a non-economic activity, participates in the development Russia's balance of payments forecast, organize the preparation of the balance of payments, is involved in the preparation of international agreements and treaties Russia on relevant issues, working with other central banks and international financial institutions with a view to harmonization directions of currency regulation and currency control in Russia with international norms and Current practice in the art. An important step in the development of Russian monetary system was the adoption by the Government and the Bank of Russia in June 1996, international commitments to remove restrictions on the convertibility of the ruble on current operations within the framework of Article VIII of the IMF Charter. The second objective of the Bank of Russia - the development and strengthening of the banking system of the country.

CBR serves as a "bank of banks". It regulates the activity of credit institutions and the supervision of the following oc main directions: regulation of prudential regulations for credit institutions (minimum capital requirements, capital adequacy, liquidity ratios, etc.), the definition of limits on open currency positions and procedures for establishing reserves to cover risks; opening of correspondent accounts, special accounts to deposit the required reserves of credit institutions, the adoption of their available funds on deposit at a fixed rate; Russia intensified the process of concentration of capital to credit institutions.

The effectiveness of control...

The territory served by the bank in fact, different banks that serve a certain area of ​​the country, and the banks, which operate on the entire territory of the Russian Federation. Separate species of commercial banks that have appeared in recent years, are municipal banks. Their peculiarity consists, first, in the fact that they are created on the initiative of the state power of subjects of the Russian Federation and local self-government, and secondly, that for the formation of the charter capital of banks using available cash and other property under the jurisdiction of these authorities (see Part 7st. Federal Law 2dekabrya 1990goda "On Banks and Banking Activity" (in the red. from 03/02/96).) and local government, and thirdly, municipal banks are designed to serve the financial interests of the municipalities on the initiative of which they are created. Recently, a significant spread in the Russian banking system has received institute authorized bank.

The effectiveness of control...

Under the authorized banks are those lenders that are on a contractual basis have received special permission from the state authorities or local governments to perform on a permanent or temporary basis of certain financial and credit transactions on behalf of the authority or authorities. From our experience in this field, taking into account the levels of executive power authorized banks can be divided into four groups: o authorized banks of the Government of the Russian Federation (Federal executive branch); o authorized banks of the ministries and departments of the Russian Federation (functional and industry-level executive);

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