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The main subject...

Автор: olegj от 6-03-2013, 09:29

The main subject...

The main subject of stock trading are Italian government bonds. This is facilitated by strict state control of the exchange itself and the appropriate tax policy. Exchange itself is a public legal institution and reports to the Ministry of Finance.

Another characteristic of the Italian stock market are the high proportion of the OTC market, a weak legal reinforcement of the treatment, the lack of a formal ban on insider trading. Shares are issued registered shares, bearer bonds.

Operations for the period are not allowed. The course is set uniform.

The international value actually reduces due to immaturity of the market and lack of capital to zero. A comparison of the Forex market with the stock markets and futures Earlier Forex was not the most popular market for trading, because of certain regulations, technology and capital requirements for access to him were mostly hedge funds, managing large capital consultants commodity trading, large corporations and institutional investors. One of the main reasons why these big players made a choice in favor of the currency market - fully controlled level of risk: a trader can use the leverage of 100:1, and the other may not make loans.

However, in recent years, many firms have access to foreign exchange market for retail traders. They offer their customers credit, the ability to instantly carry out transactions, provide them with a timetable and news in real-time.

The main subject...

As a result of Forex trading has become much more popular, and currency - the more attractive alternative asset class. Many traders who specialize in stocks and futures, began to carry out foreign exchange operations or even switching to this asset class.

The reason for the new trend - many advantages Forex. The Forex market and the stock market Advantages of Forex market over the stock market are as follows: The foreign exchange market - the largest market in the world, liquidity is constantly growing.

The main subject...

Business operations are carried out around the clock. Traders can make profits as the market bulls and bears in the market.

Approved short sale without an increase in price (plus tick, uptick), there are no trade restrictions. Platform to instantly carry out transactions, minimizes slippage and errors.

The main subject...

High leverage increases risk, but many traders believe that Forex trading is of great profit. Due to the volume and liquidity of the foreign exchange market (market Forex - one of the most liquid markets in the world) traders have the opportunity to sign on it around the clock deal with low operating costs, high leverage, the minimum probability of error and slippage in the absence of trade restrictions and rules of the "plus tick" . Furthermore, they can make a profit on the market as bulls, and bears on the market. Forex used for the analysis methods used in the study of the stock markets.

The fundamental analysis of stocks are considered instead of the country. However, an ideal tool for studying the foreign exchange market is a technical analysis, most professional traders use this method.

To understand why Forex has such appeal, it is necessary to analyze the characteristics of this market. One of the main reasons for the popularity Forex is that it is an ideal market for active traders.

In addition, this feature of the foreign exchange market provides them with additional opportunities to plan their trading day. To start trading, traders need not wait for the bell at 9:30 am New York time. If within the country or abroad, from 16:00 to 9:30 am New York City is a major announcement or there is a significant event, the majority of traders for transactions to wait for the opening of the stock exchanges at 9:30. By this time, if you do not have access to electronic communication networks (Electronic Communications Network - ECN), for example, Instinet, the market is likely to offset opportunity. Professionals will appoint an attractive price for an asset before the ordinary trader will gain access to the market.

Differences between Forex and Stock Market Originating in the early 1970s, Forex has become one of the most popular financial markets among private traders and investors. This relatively young market is not based on investing in someone else's business, and the sale of currencies of different countries, which makes it possible to perform a huge number of transactions every day. Many investors combine Forex trading with the activities of other, more traditional financial markets, but the same approach to Forex trading, for example, the stock market is not worth it. Between these markets, there are significant differences that must be taken into account in the preparation of trading strategies.

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