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In general, talking about what...

Автор: olegj от 2-03-2013, 14:00

In general, talking about what...

In general, talking about what kind of financial markets, it is better not right - each of them a lot of opportunities. It is important to clearly understand what the markets are fundamentally different from each other and to trade, using the opportunities and taking into account the characteristics of each of them. Prospects for the use of mechanisms of venture capital financing in Russia The meaning of venture (risk) of a business is to provide a means companies do not have other sources of funding in exchange for a portion of shares that a venture investor sells a few years after the entry into business for a price many times the initial investment.

The sale of shares is called the "output." Business venture can bring huge profit - or end up in failure. The U. S. and European economies largely owe their rise in the late twentieth century, it is the flourishing business venture.

In general, talking about what...

The extent to which the development of profitable business venture economy, indicating at least the fact that in the U. S. alone from 1990 to 1995. Private investors have invested nearly $ 130 billion to the development of promising new companies for the first time offered their shares in the stock market.

These funds are invested usually based on growth in the market value for a long period. They will not be in the "stocking" or put pressure on the budget through the government bond market, and will work on the development of production. In domestic terms, until recently, the practice of venture capital investment mechanisms existed.

In general, talking about what...

So it was, for example, at the beginning of perestroika in 1985, when the issue of intensification of scientific and technical progress for the economy out of the crisis rose to the highest level, but necessary for a business venture economic conditions were completely absent. So it was in 1988, when the country began to appear the first commercial banks (few people today remember what they were created while the banks to support innovation and some still remain in their name relic combination of letters "in"). The author had even show the articles of the period that such innovative banks will be viable, if not begin to deal with the traditional commercial banks for lending.

So it was in 1992, when Russia began in the radical economic reform opened the way for the development of entrepreneurship, but still there was no civilized stock market. So it was in 1994-1995., When it came time to time for a mark 20% per month inflation did any investment for a period of more than a few weeks economically meaningless.

Only in recent years can be with caution to say that Russia finally folded, opportunities, while maintaining political and economic stability, hope for successful adaptation mechanism venture in the coming years. First steps in this direction were taken in 1997. True, most are not Russian businessmen, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and other international financial institutions.

And not in the field of entrepreneurial finance initiative projects, and in order to stop the crisis and improve the efficiency of privatized enterprises. However, it is also one of the traditional areas of business venture.

In December 1997 it became known in the creation of the first Russian venture fund with state participation to support science and technology projects and attract private capital in the development of high technologies under the state guarantee. Although the active role and direct involvement of the state in this project raises many questions and critical judgments, the important fact to move forward in the direction that moves the other industrialized countries.

In general, talking about what...

Since then, much has depended on the results of the first venture capital investors. And just how much this activity will find understanding and support of the authorities. After all, without an enabling environment and, in particular, as international experience shows that without some tax breaks for long-term investments with a high degree of risk, the venture capital business very quickly wither like a flower in the cold. As a negative example, we can mention the fact that the increase in the United States during the 1969 tax reform, the tax rate on capital gains from securities transactions from 25 to 49.1% in a few years has reduced virtually no American venture capital market.

Only a reduction in the tax rate first to 28% in 1978 and then to 20% (for individual investors) in 1980 and the lifting of restrictions on risky investments for pension funds allowed in the early 80's to make a difference for the better.

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