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» » » » The Central Board of the Bundesbank, it includes...
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The Central Board of the Bundesbank, it includes...

Автор: olegj от 25-03-2013, 10:26

The Central Board of the Bundesbank, it includes...

The Central Board of the Bundesbank, it includes members of the Board and the presidents of the central banks of the land. The board members are appointed by the Federal President of the Bundesbank, at the suggestion of the government of Germany, and the presidents of the central banks of land - Federal President on the proposal of the Bundesrat (the upper house of parliament). The Central Council of the Bundesbank, headed by its president and vice president. Bundesbank in Frankfurt-am-Main.

Prior to the creation of the European Monetary Union and the formation of the European System of Central Banks Bundesbank performed the following important economic functions: 1. Emission center of the country. 2. Monetary center of the country. 3. "Kassir government", ie The Bundesbank holds through the current accounts of the government administration of the federal budget. 4. "Bank of Banks", ie service credit institutions liabilities and assets.

5. Settlement center of the country. 6. Subject of the monetary economy. Currently, due to the formation of the European system of national banks, the Bundesbank is an organization that is implementing the policy of the European Central Bank.

The Central Board of the Bundesbank, it includes...

The ECB is a single emission center for the European Union, of the euro zone, and also determines the monetary policy in the region. In addition, under the statute of the ECB national banks gave him a piece of currency reserves.

Foreign exchange reserves, which remain at the disposal of the Bundesbank, are used for the performance of their obligations towards international organizations. Conducting other transactions with these reserves in excess of the limit fixed by the Council of Governors, to be agreed with the ECB. It is considered necessary to provide the agreed currency and monetary policy within the framework of the European Monetary Union. Commercial banks in Germany The second link of the banking system is primarily commercial, and credit banks, among which are the grossbanki, provincial commercial banks, branches of foreign banks and private banking houses. The leading role in the banking system belongs grossbankam Germany - German, Dresden and commercial banks.

By the end of July 1997, they had the assets constituting 9.6% of the total assets of the banking system. Each grossbank heads of financial and industrial group, which arose on the basis of their matching with the industrial concerns of the country. Chief among the "Big Three" is the Deutsche Bank or German bank, who heads the country's leading financial and industrial group.

Currently, it includes major corporations such key industries as electrical engineering, electronics, nuclear, mining and metallurgy, heavy engineering, etc. Particularly Deutsche Bank has close links with industrial concerns Siemens and Mannesmann, Gesha, Ganielya, Klöckner, Henkel, Demag with Deutsche Bank and others belonging to his group of credit institutions serving Bole third of Germany's foreign trade. Financial group Drezdenbanka economic power is slightly inferior to the previous group.

The Central Board of the Bundesbank, it includes...

It includes concerns Krupp, AEG-Telefunken - the second-largest electricity company technical FRG; Metallgezelshaft-Degussa, which is leading in the production of precious metals and one of the atomic monopoly of Germany; concern Grundig (radio technique. Electronics, military production); " Brown, Boveri und K (electrical engineering, nuclear industry, etc.). Dresden Bank is closely linked with foreign capital through maintenance tion. Firms "Essays" (Rockefeller group), "Standard Electric Lorets AG" (the American company ITT), etc. Drezdenbanka group includes such "consolidated" members as the Berlin Bank of Trade and Industry sion, Banking House Royshelya and C in Munich, the German-South American Bank in Hamburg, as well as a number of mortgage banks.

The Central Board of the Bundesbank, it includes...

Commerzbank group, although inferior to the economic strength of the two other groups of the "big three", but also based on close ties with industry leading bank concerns the IG-Farben, Ganiel, Verhan, Thyssen, AEG, etc. The core of the group is a family concern Goldshmidt (chemical Company in Essen), insurance group Gerling, major department stores, "Karstadt AG" and "Kaufhof AG". The group includes about 50 different companies and businesses. The "Big Three" in general has a strong impact on the capital market, it is actually hosted on the exchange.

The growing influence grossbankov the economy takes them further by merging with industrial concerns and the state. For commercial banks are also provincial banks, which on its assets exceed the assets grossbankov (respectively), but inferior to them for the role in the economy, the concentration and centralization of capital.

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