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On the basis of the definitions...

Автор: olegj от 4-03-2013, 17:34

On the basis of the definitions...

On the basis of the definitions under the same currency market should be understood as a system of sustainable economic and institutional relationships that are associated with the purchase or sale of foreign currency or payment instruments in foreign currencies. Most of the operations have on the U. S. dollar, euro, British pound, Japanese yen and the Swiss franc. The stock market is a system of relations connected with operations on purchase and sale of securities, ie stocks, bonds, etc. Through banks and special credit institutions and stock exchange accumulated cash savings of legal and natural persons as well as the state, and are directed to the productive and non-productive capital investments.

There is a primary market of securities in which the issue directly, that is, the issue of securities and their placement. In the secondary market also made buying and selling. Hence, the main difference between Forex and stock market - it is the time factor.

On the basis of the definitions...

Although in recent years there has been a tendency to extend the time for exchanges, trade continues to be conducted on them in sessions, only during working hours. Trading on the Forex go around the clock, stopping only for a weekend or national holidays. Thus, the nature of the Forex gives more room for the choice of short-term trading strategies, and the trader can more accurately track their open positions.

On the basis of the definitions...

Also, on the basis of the presented definitions, have already become clear and the second major difference between the Forex market and the stock market. That is, the Forex market participant has to do with the buying and selling of currency of some countries, and the stock - with the sale and purchase of securities.

The third difference. This, of course, time. Stock markets operate in the conventional mode, that is, open in the morning and stop working at night.

That, at times, may undesirably affect the investments of the investor. Who knows what will happen until the stock market does not work? Do not drop the newly acquired shares of a company whose growth yesterday was so promising? Forex market is different in that it has no specific working hours and days off. It always works.

Since touch of "stock exchange", then there are visible differences. What is the stock market? This is a public, joint-stock or other organization that provides a room, some security, information services and payments intended for securities transactions in return for a commission on the transaction. That there is a certain trade center.

In the currency market Forex is no specific, separate trading venues. The very process of buying and selling takes place via telephone or the Internet.

As already noted, the stock exchange receives a commission from the participants. And this is the fifth against the market of Forex, where there are no costs associated with the commission, and there is only a difference in the purchase price and the selling price of Exchange Bank.

The sixth difference - this is a so-called leverage that is available to market participants Forex. The essence of the "leverage" is that for the transaction in the amount of, say, fifty thousand euros is enough to make a security deposit, which ranges from one to ten percent of the transaction. As a seventh differences should be noted factor of stability currency market Forex.

On the basis of the definitions...

The participant has to deal with the currencies of entire nations, and not in shares of certain companies. In this case, the depreciation of one currency means a growth of another. Distinction follows from the seventh and eighth.

Earn the foreign exchange market can be, winning both the growth of the exchange rate, and on its fall. The stock market also involves only one option - to purchase the securities at a lower price and sell at a higher one. Ninth difference - in the amount of initial capital. Begin participating in the Forex market can be and not having significant financial resources.

Although then profits will be insignificant, but it is another question. Tenth difference in licensing, which causes the vulnerability of the market participants. The activities in the securities market is subject to compulsory licensing in accordance with applicable law, and therefore controlled by state authorities. The activity is in the Forex market does not require a special permit, and therefore the degree of protection of participants of foreign exchange transactions is practically nonexistent.

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