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Experience leading venture...

Автор: olegj от 26-02-2013, 20:37

Experience leading venture...

Experience leading venture capital funds and holding Russian Venture Fair has shown that companies that are ready to meet with investors, not really so much, and they still need to learn to represent their business. Insufficient training of management companies - competitors. For a venture investor personal and professional qualities of managers of companies - one of the main criteria for the selection of the investee, for qualified management - effective refractive reduce the risk of the investor.

Education managers of the company - applicants should be focused not only on the commercial aspects of the project progresses, but also on the specific method of working with venture capital investors. Applicants should learn proving that their company has a real niche in the market, hard-working team, protected by intellectual property rights, professional management and a clear understanding of the prospects of the business, and how will "work" investor money. Today's Russia "seekers" are often not willing to open relations with investors, reducing their prospects.

In turn, the venture capitalist is necessary to carefully examine the history of the company, and to analyze the creation and emergence of property rights that are already becoming a part owner of the business, not to unpleasant discoveries. Risk universe today makes venture capital investors prefer investments in companies that are at the stage of "explosive expansion", although the venture investor can enter into the business and in the earlier stages of its development. This situation complicates the companies - job seekers a way to market, raising the question about the sources of funds for development in the early stages.

Experience leading venture...

Selection criteria VCs Venture investors are divided into two categories - business angels and venture capital firms. Business angels Business angels - these are private investors, also called informal investors who invest equity capital in the newly created illiquid firms. This wealthy people. In the past, many of them were successful entrepreneurs and top managers.

Experience leading venture...

Business angels are called because they come to the rescue of young innovative firms, helping in the development of the business. "Angel" help - it's not only finances, but also useful contacts in the business world, business skills and knowledge.

Experience leading venture...

It should be borne in mind that at a very early stage of development of similar assistance on reasonable terms have no one else can. In one form or another business angels are active worldwide in any country. Although business angels, there are some disadvantages, advantages, after all, much more. Formed by the informal venture capital market is a necessary component of modern business economy.

According to the results of a study published in the report of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), informal private investment in young firms is many times higher than the formal investments made by venture capital funds. Informal private investors financed the 99.962% of all firms, the size of their investment was 91.8% of the total venture capital invested in young companies in the GEM. Total, 33655116 young firms had invested 364 billion dollars in the average GEM countries over the past three years, 3% of the population invested in someone else's business.

43.7% of these investors have reported that they have invested in the family business of close relatives, 29.2% - in the company of friends, 8.9% - in the company of work colleagues and 9.3% - in the company of people unfamiliar to them. In the U. S., business angels to invest an average of about $ 45 billion, 50 000 young businesses annually.

In the USA, there are about half a million active business angels. In the European Union, according to official estimates, there are about a million potential business angels willing to invest 10 to 20 billion euros.

The average number of young firms that received investment from business angels, are 30-40 times higher than the number of firms that have received investments from venture capital funds. Benefits of Business Angels Business angels fill the financing gap by investing it in areas that are not attractive to other investors. Pros and Cons of Business Angels: Business angels prefer to finance venture capital firms in the earliest stages of their development. Business angels are the main source of external finance for start-up companies with high growth potential.

Business angels are not afraid to finance high-tech innovative companies, despite the high risk of default on investment.

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