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A very large proportion...

Автор: olegj от 10-03-2013, 21:48

A very large proportion...

A very large proportion of foreign securities proved crucial in London as an international financial center and in the stock market, for example, as a major center of Eurobond issues. In recent years, the London Stock Exchange was the site of significant change in the framework of the 1983 and 1986 reforms, which, in turn, had a significant influence on the reform of other Western European stock markets. The reform is aimed mainly at improving its international competitiveness and, thus, on the strengthening of the British capital.

Thus, as part of this reform, was filmed traditional, purely British division brokers to brokers and jobbers. Their functions are now performed among brokers. A simplification of the lower fees supplemented by lower taxation of stock turnover. Has been widely introduced computer technology to the work of the exchange.

British brokerage firm (about 200) have lost their monopoly on stock transactions. It was first allowed to 29.9% participation, and then 100% of the absorption of these firms by industrial and banking monopolies. Took advantage of the British monopoly banks actively invaded the previously closed to them, the scope of the stock transactions.

The stock market in Switzerland The stock market in Switzerland is characterized above all by its international features. In the Swiss economy, he plays on the one hand, the role of the source of funding reproduction of the national capital and, on the other hand, is an important part of the credit and financial system, which, because of its international importance, is extremely important "industry" the Swiss economy.

There are 7 stock exchanges, among which are Zurich, Geneva and Basel. Monopoly position in the stock market to play the big banks, which determine the course of events there. On the markets are no special brokers. All operations are carried out by representatives of the banks.

A very large proportion...

Only in the OTC market are, along with banks, brokerage houses about 120, most of them - are foreign. OTC market is significant. Along with the cash market, there developed market operations for the period.

Set a single rate. State regulation unobtrusive, but there are quite strict banking "self-regulation", for example, in terms of consistency issues.

The value of Switzerland as an international financial center is clearly reflected in the stock market, where about half of the shares, and almost one third of bonds - foreign. This exclusive Swiss banks using their slave stock market, act as intermediaries between borrowers and foreign lenders. Swiss stock market is a bit of a rotating disk for international capital inflows. But thanks to the presence of such a development, tailored to the needs of the international financial capital of the stock market, it has also become an important element in the reproduction of the Swiss capital.

A very large proportion...

Thus, the substantial capitalization of Swiss corporations - $ 59 billion in 1992 - attests to this. This distinguishes the Swiss stock market from the Luxembourg stock market. The latter is almost exclusively bonded and almost no effect on the economy.

A very large proportion...

Stock Market Holland The stock market is the Netherlands is different though less bright than, for example, in Switzerland, international orientation, but it is nonetheless increasing in recent years. The main stock exchange of the country is founded in the 1602 Amsterdam Stock Exchange. The stock exchange is a private institution that is subject to "the Union for stock trading," the acquiring banks and brokerage firms.

To exchange trading is open to all 255 of its members - as representatives of banks and brokers. Cash transactions are carried out, there is a very mature market for transactions for the period, which have traditionally been of great importance here. For shares of Dutch and foreign TNCs set the current rate, all other - twice in the course of a single day. OTC No. Trade unlisted securities on the stock exchange is performed before or after the regular session of the exchange.

In 1982 he was created a mini-market for the shares of lesser companies. The value for the reproduction of both international and Dutch capital significantly. Foreign stocks make up about 55% of market capitalization.

But the capitalization of Dutch corporations - $ 48 billion in 1992 - an important factor in their reproduction, although half are shares of two corporations: Royal Dutch and Philips. The stock market in France The stock market in France is an important part of the toolkit of state-monopoly regulation.

Among the seven French stock exchanges of Paris is clearly a leader. Stock markets are local in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nancy and Nantes. State regulation of the stock exchange has its origin from the reign of Napoleon, and was introduced by his order after the speculative excesses that shook the French credit and financial system.

Today Stock Exchange under the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which appointed brokers (80 in Paris), which have a monopoly on stock exchange transactions within and outside the exchange. State supervision, as well as admission to exchange trading is the exchange commission.

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