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Angels enthusiasts

Автор: olegj от 16-04-2013, 11:40

 Angels enthusiasts

Angels enthusiasts. They are less professional than the angels entrepreneurs. Being in old age, consider investing more as a hobby. They invest a small amount (from 10 to several thousand dollars) in a number of companies and do not participate in the management of their investments. Angels micromanager.

These investors prefer to tightly control their investment, being a member of the Board of Directors, although in the daily management of the company is not involved. They usually finance up to four companies at the same time, adding "weight" of each. Angels professionals. As investors are the doctors, lawyers, accountants, people in other professions.

 Angels enthusiasts

They prefer to invest in companies offering products or services related to their professional activities. The investor in this case, other than cash, and provides expert assessment, although actively in the activities of the company is not involved. Typically, angel finance professionals with several projects, putting 25 to 200 thousand dollars each, prefer to invest with other angels. Venture capital firms (venture capital funds) Venture capital - is investing in high-risk and highly profitable enterprise.

Organizational and legal structure of the venture fund are: the agreement of limited partnership, limited liability company or limited liability partnership. Those who invest in the fund, known as limited partners (LPs - limited partners).

Those who have accumulated the fund invests in growth companies, ie, venture capitalists, called the principal partners (GPs - general partners). Venture capital firms are compensated for the investment and participation in the management of venture capital firm in two ways. First, it is receiving an annual fee for participation in the management of the company paying the fund management company, which employs a fund of venture capitalists and other administrative and technical staff. The annual fee for managing the fund is 2.5% of the investment, but it is usually much less than at the beginning and end of funding, when investment activity is low. Secondly, it is to receive compensation through the placement of the fund's net profit.

The main source of income is the net capital gains through the sale or distribution of shares of investee companies. The general partners typically receive 20% of net income, while the limited partners - 80%. The likelihood of success of venture capital firms that received funding: On average, only 6 of breakthrough high-tech business ideas in a million turned into a business succeed and go for an IPO. Less than 20% of the firms that received venture capital funding, become liquid. Poorly defined business plans do not meet the criteria for the selection of venture capitalists.

 Angels enthusiasts

On average, a venture capital firm funded by six of the 1,000 companies of applicants each year. 60% of high-tech firms that received venture capital funding, ending their activities due to the bankruptcy. 30% of venture capital firms as a result of coming to a merger with other companies or liquidation.

10% of venture capital firms succeed and thereby compensate for the loss of 90% of firms have suffered collapse. Search and selection of appropriate venture capitalists Search and selection of an investor for the venture in the early stages of its development is one of the most difficult and important tasks. Not all money is the same.

"You can divorce his wife, but with the investor - ever!" - Say the venture capitalists.

Keep that in mind and carefully choose their investors. Look for an investor who not only invest money in your company, but also adds "weight" of your company by giving their communication in the business world and personally participating in management.

 Angels enthusiasts

To select an investor who would benefit the most of your company, take the following into consideration: Whether the investor has experience with similar projects, and projects in its investment portfolio, which could compete with yours; What is the estimated level of investor participation in the management of your company; are there at your investor strong links with other investors and consultants, which can be used in the future for the company's expansion and subsequent rounds of financing; if you can build a personal relationship of trust with the investor. Corporate venture capital investors Corporations are a major and rapidly growing source of funding for new enterprises. In today's business economy the real value of the shares created by companies, corporate strategy which includes a well-developed venture capital strategy.

External venture financing of new technologies and emerging markets has become an important component of corporate strategies of the new economy, driven by small innovative companies. Partnering of innovative small companies and large corporations are mutually beneficial.

While entrepreneurial firms can independently develop the technology, identify market opportunities and fast profits from the commercialization of innovative ideas and cooperation with large corporations helps improve performance. Large corporations, in turn, have access to emerging markets and breakthrough technologies, as most innovative products and technologies developed by venture capital firms. This is how big corporations get a strategic advantage.

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