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According to the National...

Автор: olegj от 12-04-2013, 13:52

According to the National...

According to the National Venture Capital Association in the United States, in 1994, corporate venture capital amounted to only 2% of the total amount of venture capital, but by 2000 had grown to 17%. This $ 20 billion. In the four years from 1996 to 1999, the number of companies that have invested in the idea of ​​an outside company has increased eleven-fold, from 30 to 330. In the same period, the flow of corporate venture capital has increased from 100 million up to $ 17 billion Bank credit as an alternative venture financing The following types of bank instruments for financing business: 1. Short-term loan. You can get the money for a period of 3-4 months to pay interest during this period, and then, having paid off, to repay the loan. 2. The credit line. You can receive money in the right quantity as required within the agreed limit.

Payment against him delayed for a long time. 3. Factoring of receivables.

The Bank monitors the accounts receivable of the company through direct deposit or through a monthly loan to the extent that funds are available as. 4. Trust loan. Suitable for business with the seasonal nature of the work, such as contractors.

Should not be used to buy assets. 5. Long-term loans.

Used to purchase assets. The payment period is three to five years.

6. The combination of short-and long-term lending. Typically used during the intensive growth of the company for the collection of receivables, or the creation of strategic reserves.

The four rules of a commercial loan: 1. The basic idea. Outlined the banker overall situation in your company: what product or service you're selling, whether you have a team of experienced managers, what marketing strategy you use. Keep in mind that some industries do not provide loans or lending is limited at the moment. It is therefore important to determine the status of your industry. 2. Cash flow.

Prove that you have the cash to pay the loan. Prepare a business plan that shows the balance of major shareholders equity, debt, deferred payments (benefits for funding providers).

According to the National...

The business plan should always take into account the coverage ratio of the loan principal and interest, at least 1.3 and above. 3. Bail.

Banks do not provide venture capital and become shareholders. However, some banks Silicon Valley and other innovative banks act as co-investors, or make loans to newly created companies, unless the latter already has a venture capital or reputabelny main investor.

4. The personal factor. When a loan banks take into account the reputation of the borrower, the presence of positive recommendations of industry experience, credit history. The concept of venture financing Debt or equity financing Packages venture financing can be of various types. The three main ones are: 1. Ordinary shares.

2. Preferred shares. 3. Credit. Each component is used for the purpose: 1. Venture capital is to be used in the early rounds of financing for development research and development to create a product. In subsequent rounds - for the purchase of securities, marketing, and accelerate growth.

2. Credit must be used to generate working capital and building infrastructure. Credit usually follows the venture capital.

According to the National...

The loan is cheaper than venture capital, as venture investors put their money at greater risk and therefore can expect a higher return on investment. The most popular strategy for raising funds is staged financing.

According to the National...

This is the process of determining the time frame for each stage of funding, which is related to the implementation of the sign points the general plan of building a business. Characteristic features of venture capital: Funding is available to new or existing businesses with potential. a venture enterprises and businesses that create new niches in the market since they do not support, stories and earnings to get a loan.

Experience in management - the main criterion in assessing the prospects of the likelihood of receiving funding. Entrepreneur transmits some of the ownership and control of the business investor. Investments that require high profits are structured so that the return on them was carried out for 3-7 years.

Becoming a liquid - through IPO, sale of the business, etc., - the company moves to other sources of funding. Venture capitalists expect to get 20-50% annual return on their investment at the time of the liquidity of the company. Typical investment size from $ 500,000 to $ 5 million.

The concept of venture capital Venture capital - is the capital invested by investors in the venture in the early stages of its development. The most important thing at the initial stage - is to find a true professional in the field of fundraising and making useful contacts.

Management teams need to interview with at least five candidates to choose the best, and then carefully check his business acumen and trustworthiness. Need someone with good connections in the industry and investment experience in similar companies. When investors want to get acquainted with the management team personally participated successfully chosen mediator will help to make a successful presentation of the company and to achieve this goal.

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