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Feature of venture capital...

Автор: olegj от 11-04-2013, 00:23

Feature of venture capital...

Feature of venture capital investments is that they are usually designed to run, growth and development of a company whose activity is at least a small tinge of originality, uniqueness, that is, roughly speaking, when venture capital funds are invested in the implementation of any new ideas, hard work which has not been proved by the market. In this regard, the venture capital investment involves a fairly high risk of loss of capital investor, while at the same time, in the case of favorable developments - can look forward to an impressive size gains. Most often, venture capital investments were drawn to the development of various innovative technologies, new methods of market development, etc. That is, venture capital investments typically become relevant where there is a kind of experiment, a certain amount of risk (associated with the possibility of unsuccessful implementation conceived idea). Accordingly, venture capital investments tend to be long-term, because they are attracted to - to "invent" to create and promote a project, which later (thought to its creators) can fill any new niche in the market and bring a handsome profit. As a rule, the profits from venture capital investor receives not in the form of periodic dividends, and in the form of a (one-off) sale of its stake in the business, which he financed at the stage of its inception.

There is a special classification for companies that usually qualify for attracting venture capital: Seed - at this stage, in fact, no company yet, there is only a project or business idea that you want to fund the necessary research or for the production of samples (new) product before releasing it to the market. Start up - we are talking about is already an established company, but one that so far has its own history in the market, and which raises funds for research and to begin to market. Early stage - is already attracting venture capital investment company with a finished product, but which needs funds to fully enter the market.

Feature of venture capital...

Expansion - the company has operated for some time, but the venture capital needed to expand output, for further studies, etc. Than at an earlier stage of development funds are invested in it, the higher risk than an investment, but the more you can get out at the end (in the case of the successful development of the project). The characteristic features of venture capital investments: Investments are available to new or existing businesses, but having significant growth potential; One of the main criteria for whether to provide venture capital investment is the experience of project managers (and, of course, well-written business plan), as there are no "iron" guarantees the success of the project financed, in principle, can not be; The average expected payback period is usually 3-7 years; developed into full force, project, for which initially attracted venture capital investment goes to other sources of financing; The average size of venture capital investments (in a separate project) is $ 500 million - $ 5 million It should be noted that venture capital investment - it is a field of activity is not for beginners, and for professional investors. To achieve success in this area requires a sufficient investment experience and expert management of capital.

Feature of venture capital...

The history of the development of venture capital investment Despite the fact that in the past there were other similar investment vehicles, the father of the modern venture capital industry is considered to be of general Dzhordzhiza Doriota. In 1946, Doriot founded American Research and Development Corporation (Akira), which was the greatest success of Digital Equipment Corporation. When Digital Equipment listed its shares on the stock exchange in 1968, it provided the margin of Akira 101% per year. 70 thousand dollars invested in Akira Digital Corporation in 1959, had a market value of $ 37 million in 1968.

It is believed that the first company that was set up venture capital is Fairchild Semiconductor, founded in 1959 by Venrok Esoushieyts. Before the Second World War in the form of investment of venture capital were mostly sphere of influence of wealthy individuals and wealthy families. One of the first steps to a managed on a professional basis of the venture capital industry was the Law "On the Small Business Investment" in 1958.

This law allows the agency for the U. S. Small Business license private companies investing in small businesses (Kimbo) in order to simplify the process of financing and small business management United States. The Act addresses the issues raised in the report of the Board of the U. S. Federal Reserve to Congress.

Feature of venture capital...

The report emphasized that the capital market for long-term financing for small businesses, aimed at development, there was a big gap. The main objective of the program was Kimbo and today remains a simplification of the process of raising capital through the economic system, in order to fund small innovative companies in order to stimulate the development of the U. S. economy.

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