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» » » The Communist Party resolutely... The Communist...
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The Communist Party resolutely... The Communist...

Автор: olegj от 30-05-2013, 06:26

The Communist Party resolutely... The Communist...

The Communist Party resolutely... The Communist Party strongly condemns political adventurism. They are profoundly alien to the idea that the progress made in the struggle of the masses against monopolies and for the expansion of social and economic rights postpone the socialist revolution. When the working class under the leadership of the proletarian party and the trade unions can achieve wage increases, it becomes a stimulus for further organizational unity of workers, a new step in their political education. Levoekstremistsky slogan "the worse the better" - is theoretically unsound and politically harmful slogans coming to power of the Nazi (or pro-fascist forces), which seems to extremists almost a welcome development, in fact, as we have shown the historical past, not only does not help, on the contrary, is incredibly difficult struggle of the proletariat against the power of capital.

Wrong theoretically and reasoning that giving up the fight for higher wages (which means, according to the radicals, the acceleration of growth unrealized "economic surplus") if would lead to aggravation of the basic contradiction of capitalism. This error is caused by the fact that they see a basic contradiction is not in production, not in the nature of the relationship between labor and capital, and in the sphere of circulation. It should be recalled that the issue of the implementation is not critical in addressing the historical fate of modern capitalism.

The Communist Party resolutely... The Communist...

The growing antagonism between the social character of production and the private form of appropriation of the most clearly manifested in the fundamental contradiction that is powerless not only eliminated, but even weaken the practice of state-monopoly regulation. Criminal actions against workers, were seen...

The Communist Party resolutely... The Communist...

Criminal actions against the workers, came to be regarded by them as a reasonable and even useful. Such well-known theorists and practitioners of left extremism, as Ulrike Meinhof (Germany), began to argue "lawfulness" of murder and arson and to implement them in practice.

May in Brussels, was set on fire department when there were more than thousand visitors. In levoekstremistskoy leaflet about it stated: "This is the strongest for many a fire in Brussels has been carefully prepared and otrezhissirovan: procession passed in front of a department store with posters and speeches, while incendiary bombs were exploding inside. " Further detail reported the deaths of hundreds of innocent people (of course, among them were many workers or members of their families): shop, according to the same leaflet, "turned into a sea of ??flame and smoke.

" In another leaflet the authors enthusiastically exclaimed: "Burn, burn, Product Warehouse! Burn!

", Meaning" goods warehouse "all" society of mass consumption. " - Such actions are left-wing extremists are a serious criminal offense, which does not and can not be any excuses. But these actions, unfortunately, are not in the West, something rare and exceptional.

A year after the arson in Brussels extremists staged a fire at a department store in West Berlin. This was followed by a long string of terrorist attacks, the culmination of which was the kidnapping and murder of former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro. But why the terrorists commit such atrocities? What they see their point?

The Communist Party resolutely... The Communist...

Yet they have developed in anarchist ideas of Max Stirner in the triad of provocation - repression - a revolution. Thus, the Italian extremist Feltrinelli wrote, "due to criminal actions blatant intervention of repressive forces will break the braking process the idea that socialist revolution can be achieved without resorting to arms.

" Already referred to the West German terrorist Ulrike Meinhof elaborates further: "It is necessary to provoke latent fascism society. We have to call the explosion of fascism to life for all to see it, and then people turn to us for guidance. " This kind of frenzy and criminal actions have caused enormous damage to the progressive forces, in practice, reinforcing terry reaction. "One Dimensional Man" - working...

"One Dimensional Man" - working - in a society long since lost the revolutionary instinct, according to Marcuse. But this is needed in the business case. Therefore, arguments about "sverhzarplate" and an "economic surplus" which supposedly act within the laws of surplus value, and with it the capitalist exploitation of workers, given the concept of Marcuse, in the opinion of the radical Left, more reliable, and "scientific" in nature. However, they are not content with a mere borrowing of the findings of radical economists - Baran and Sui - communication, they "deepen" the findings, giving them levoekstremistskuyu sharpness.

The further course of the arguments of representatives of this branch of the radical Left is that the sooner and the more intense will accumulate in the advanced capitalist countries "economic surplus" (assuming that the outside "pure capitalism" of the medium pace of its implementation will be reduced), the sooner the collapse of the capitalist system as a result of general overproduction, which should supposedly make the economy to a standstill.

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