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» » » The Communists also...
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The Communists also...

Автор: olegj от 18-05-2013, 04:25

The Communists also...

The Communists also carried out a clear distinction between the anti-communist leaders of leftist unions and their rank and file members who, as a rule, the supporters of decisive action against imperialism, gravitate to the new, socially equitable social order. Differentiated and ambiguous attitude of the Communists to the theorists of economic levoradikalizma: openly struggling with the reaction of his representatives, they support progressive-minded circles. More detailed and comprehensive description... More detailed and comprehensive description of the social base of modern radicalism - it is extremely difficult, because no country no one engages in sociological analysis of social class participants.

There are only a few, scattered data on the social composition of certain groups, which is quite insufficient for a more or less complete description of the movement as a whole. 'In the U. S., for example, the number of students currently equal to half the number of workers organized in trade unions.

The Communists also...

Students are usually attached to the radical left movement of mass and violent character. Rising unemployment, the proletarianization of the intelligentsia and the ruin of the middle strata of urban and rural populations have created fertile ground for the "ultra-revolutionary.

The Communists also...

" Is a growing part of the non-proletarian strata of the population is in conflict with the domination of monopoly capital. The ideological basis of modern levoradikalizma complex and contradictory: in addition to the elements of the petty-bourgeois ideology in its present partly bourgeois views.

However, there is usually a strong anti-imperialist orientation, especially pronounced in the judgments of the radical Left in developing countries. As for the theoretical basis of the movement, then a single, clearly-defined theory - political or economic - it is not. Some groups feed on various petty-bourgeois, bourgeois, anarchist theories of the past and the present, distorted account of Marxist science. For the movement of the "new left" in an early stage not only is there no single theoretical platform, but most of the participants was common neglectful, nihilistic attitude to the theory and ideology in general. This form of protest has taken an aversion to the youth of demagoguery, to the endless promises of social changes that are so generously lavish bourgeois media outlets.

By shifting without any reason this aversion to ideology, scientific and theoretical work in general, the young rebels of that time opposed them "critical action" immediate revolutionary as they understood them, the action. Modern radical left movement covers...

Modern radical left movement encompasses a variety of sections of the urban and rural population. For example, in Latin America, the main core of it are migrated to the city of peasants fleeing rural poverty, hunger and lack of land, and in the countries of Western Europe and North America - representatives of a wide variety of social groups: students, impoverished farmers destitute freelancers , lumpen elements, representatives of the middle class who have lost their wealth and social status as a result of another economic crisis and the ensuing wave of bankruptcies and mass layoffs. The largest part of the movement (especially in the developed capitalist countries) has become college students. In many Western countries the students is a solid part of the socially active population.

Were the processes taking place in a capitalist society at the time: the deployment of scientific and technological revolution, which led to mass unemployment, especially among young people; militaristic policy of the imperialist states, primarily the United States, the atmosphere of violence and a tendency to physical violence against members of the democratic movement. Millions of people are pushed out of normal life began to resort to the most extreme forms of social protest, up to terror.

It reached a peak in the (near th terrorist attacks in a single year), and then began to decline as a result of social isolation and hostile attitude toward it all the progressive and democratic forces. Earlier, left radicals did not push to the bourgeois parliament candidates and election campaigns did not participate. These groups in the industrialized capitalist countries are relatively small, but nevertheless in the parliamentary elections held in - and the next, they collected a total of in France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Spain more than million votes.

The Communists also...

A single mass...

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