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» » » Even in criticizing the erroneous...
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Even in criticizing the erroneous...

Автор: olegj от 26-05-2013, 04:48

Even in criticizing the erroneous...

Even in criticizing the erroneous views Sokolnikova... Even in criticizing Sokolnikova erroneous views on imperialism, Lenin rightly objected to his statements regarding the difficulty of the world market mass of surplus value. Lenin specifically emphasized that "capitalists without difficulty and without crises can not realize not only the surplus value, but also of variable capital and constant capital.

Released to the market weight of the goods, which are not only accumulated, but worth reproducing the variable capital and constant capital. Without realizing it, radical leftist theorists, in essence, an artificial tear realization of surplus value (the "economic surplus") from the sale of the remaining parts of the total social product.

Even in criticizing the erroneous...

In addition, they do not realize that the growing difficulties of sales is just one of many manifestations of the fundamental contradiction of capitalism, but not very fundamental contradiction that lies in the antagonism between the social character of labor and private form of appropriation of the products of that labor. Increase the difficulties of the gross national product in terms of imperialism can not, however, a fatal issue for the limited domestic market, as is often done left radicals. Limited domestic market under capitalism is relative, not absolute. First, far from true reasoning leftists of the steady reduction in the rate of accumulation of capitalist production.

Along with lower capital intensity and material as factors that reduce the accumulation observed acceleration of scientific and technological progress, which leads to a reduction in terms of obsolescence of equipment and, consequently, more frequent replacement of old equipment with new. All this serves as a trend that increases the rate of accumulation in the manufacturing sector. For example, in the United States, Germany, Japan, France, since years, despite a decline in capital productivity, the increasing rate of capital accumulation.

B. Lenin, economists radicals... B. Lenin, radical economists see a basic contradiction of capitalism in strengthening the constraints of the "economic surplus." So their is the question: how highly developed capitalist countries will be able to raise the level of "aggregate demand"?

Even in criticizing the erroneous...

After all of that, in their opinion, the future of capitalism. Here we should recall that the problem of "effective demand" is the main problem being developed by bourgeois economists Keynesian direction stake in promoting the capitalist economy, its deliverance from the crises of overproduction. Followers of the British economist John Maynard Keynes believed that this can be achieved by raising "aggregate demand" (ie, artificially extending the domestic market) by increasing government spending on unproductive Delhi (primarily for military purposes), expanding public works, achieving overcome the cyclical nature of capitalist production by regulating the employment and reduce unemployment.

Although the radical leftist political economists do not believe in the "healing" of capitalism, moreover, they are convinced that the increase in unrealized "economic surplus" in the end should lead to automatic collapse of the capitalist system, yet their conclusions regarding the origin and methods of implementation of the "surplus" developed under the undoubted influence of Keynesianism. Using the terms of Marxist political economy, relying in some cases on its findings and provisions radical leftist economists try to supplement the Leninist theory of imperialism, developing its position in the Keynesian spirit that actually leads to the vulgarization of Marxism. Incredibly exaggerating the role played by the absorption and distribution of the "economic surplus", the radicals tend to stick out the difficulties first realization of surplus production in the conditions of modern monopoly capitalism.

Even in criticizing the erroneous...

However, the conditions of imperialism are increasing not only the difficulty of realization of surplus value, but also the difficulties of the gross national product at all. These provisions Lenin got... These provisions Lenin were developed in his study of the internal market in the book "The Development of Capitalism in Russia". In the letter A. Pannekoek in connection with the introduction of the book of Rosa Luxemburg, "The Accumulation of Capital", in which an attempt was made to revive the idea of ??having sismondistskuyu implementation of the product under capitalism in the "non-capitalist environment," Lenin said that in his early work demonstrated the possibility of the realization of surplus cost and in a "purely capitalist society", in abstraction from the external market. Lenin clearly demonstrated that the development of capitalism "deep" inside each country, accompanied by the growth of machine production, leading to accelerated development of production of the means of production - machines, machines and mechanisms.

Even in criticizing the erroneous...

In an effort to speed up the pace of capital accumulation, the capitalists had to divert to purchase additional means of production growing share of surplus value, especially in the period of capitalist industrialization. To hire additional labor they must also capitalize certain part of it, although the proportion of this part of the total amount of additional capital invested relatively reduced.

Thus the domestic market capitalist society is growing steadily, with the effective demand for capital goods increased much more rapidly than for consumer goods. In digital circuits expanded reproduction of social capital, taking into account the growth of its organic composition in terms of technological progress, Lenin brilliantly complemented the implementation of Marx's theory, reaffirming the fundamental possibility of the implementation of all parts of the gross national product, including surplus value in the "pure" capitalism. Refusing to accept the argument of Marx and

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