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» » » A single mass youth movement...
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A single mass youth movement...

Автор: olegj от 15-05-2013, 13:00

A single mass youth movement...

A single mass youth movement to the top is no longer there. It is split into lots of different groups, including religious sects. Against the background of this recession, like mushrooms after the rain, bred small leftist groups and small groups of the most diverse political shades. Hitherto unseen scale acquired in this decade left-wing extremism, a feature of which was left terrorism.

A single mass youth movement...

Simultaneously, there is an influx of young people, especially students, anarchists and anarcho-syndicate name "radical" comes from the Latin root, as are the members of this movement, they said, for fundamental changes in the social structure of capitalist society, harshly denouncing the inhuman the nature of modern capitalism and predicting its imminent collapse. The views of the modern representatives of the radical Left discover some continuity with the views of the radical left beginning of this century, which revived the Americans P. Baran and P. Sweezy, the Belgian E. Mandel.

In addition, their ideological, political and economic views have influenced numerous petty-bourgeois and bourgeois, reformist direction. Modern radical movement has been called "radical left", which should highlight its opposition to the now existing capitalist society. The spread back in - left extremism Listskie organization.

Some of the radical Left purchased openly expressed anti-communist orientation and slipped into the hostile advances of ardent anti-Soviet camp. At the same time, the most dynamic, politically educated, grown-up in a political struggle part of the left-radical movement has moved to the position of the working class (especially in France, Italy and the Scandinavian countries).

Some, disappointed, withdrew from politics. The growing uncertainty...

The growing insecurity and instability of the situation of workers, strengthening the contradictions posed by the scientific and technological revolution, the intensification of the class struggle in modern bourgeois society give rise to many different social groups and strata, occupying an intermediate position between the main contending forces - the working class and the bourgeoisie. Among them, an important role is played by the dual nature of the radical Left's social strata. Levoradikalizm - it's mostly petty-bourgeois movement against imperialist oppression. However, it is hostile and scientific socialism.

A single mass youth movement...

Not having a clear class position and scientific theory, levoradikalizm in practice often takes extreme forms of extremism, preventing the development of revolutionary consciousness of the working people. By publishing a "Letter to the" new left ", an American sociologist R. Mills could hardly believe that he coined the term" New Left, "which he describes the movement of a handful of American intellectuals, will soon take a long time in the pages of newspapers and magazines in many countries world. Originated in both the ideological and political movement, the limited scope of academics, university professors, the movement in the next decade is rapidly gaining ground, covering mainly the youth, and to spread to the majority of the capitalist countries.

It reached its apogee during the events of "rapid May" in France, which led to a direct confrontation with the authorities of the protesting youth, the movement from the end began to wane. The participants - students who opposed the authoritarianism that is, against the anti-democratic system of government in the capital - have joined the ranks of the existing radical organizations.

In addition, there were also formed new groups with slightly different ideological and theoretical attitudes compared to those that guided the old organization. Experts predict that by the end of 2020, foreign direct investment in China reached $ 900 billion in this important role played by the Chinese diaspora investment. In general, it has more than 30 million people, whose total assets are valued at about $ 4 trillion.

U. S. According to The Economist, now the population with monthly income of more than 1 million dollars. and property at 100-110 thousand dollars. is (estimates vary) of 65-80 million people, the car market is growing by 80% and the housing market - even more rapidly.

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