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Press, including

Автор: olegj от 21-05-2013, 14:21

Press, including

Press, including... Newspapers (including bourgeois) everyday brings new evidence of the occurrence of the capital on the vital rights of workers. The increasing intensification of production, decrease (in the last decade) in real wages - is another striking confirmation of action open to - Marx the basic economic law of capitalism - the law of production and obtain surplus value.

Invented as Baran and Sweezy law of increasing "economic surplus" obscures the exploitation and oppression. This "law" is intended to show that increasing at an increasing rate "economic surplus" can not be consumed within capitalist society (except for "sverhzarplaty" going private consumption workers) and therefore must be implemented outside the. In this regard, they see imperialism as a policy of the bourgeois states, providing the possibility of the "economic surplus" in developing countries.

The need to export "surplus" they do not imply the rate of profit from the difference in individual countries, not by the desire to more lucrative monopolies placement of capital (although the desire to maximize profits of the monopolies they do not deny), and one of only abstract need to sell "economic surplus. " Thus, economists-left radicals define imperialism as a policy of domination of the developed capitalist countries over the agrarian.

"The definition of economic imperialism that we use - says one of the American radical left theorists O'Connor - is economic domination of one country over another." "The theory of neo-colonialism - he says on - and so is the theory of economic imperialism.

Press, including

" It is impossible not to draw attention to the fact that this "definition" repeats almost verbatim the definition of imperialism, this Kautsky, which at one time was subjected to deeply reasoned criticism by Lenin. Ignoring Marx's theory of value... Ignoring Marx's theory of value and price of labor, radical economists argue that the wages industrialized countries consists of two parts: the Existential minimum (which is considered their "normal salary") and "sverhzarplaty", which is in the form of handouts monopoly presents working capital, tearing it from its own monopoly profits Including "sverhzarplatu" workers "economic surplus", they believe that the modern proletariat is integrated into the system of state-monopoly capitalism. They were removed from his vocabulary and concept of "exploitation" (in relation to the proletariat of the industrialized capitalist countries) and replaced it with the word "depression.

Press, including

" Such a substitution is only at first glance it may seem unimportant. In fact, she blurs and obscures the very essence of economic relations between the capitalist and the wage-worker, expressed by the term "exploitation". Expulsion from the political economy of the category of surplus value is inextricably linked with the conviction "of Existentia (Latin) - existence.

The working people of the developing countries, according to the radicals are content alone "Existential mitsimumoad." Samples "of economic radicalism that the contradiction between capital and labor as if no longer a basic insoluble contradiction of modern capitalism that can lead to his demise.

They came to the conclusion that anti-scientific, though the Marxist thesis that the industrial proletariat must eventually rise to the revolutionary overthrow their capitalist oppressors, no longer sounds convincing. "Industrial workers - written by Baran and Sweezy - decreasing minority of the American working class... They are not, as in Marx's time, the victims of this system, although they, along with all other classes and strata are affected by its irrationality and other properties... "The reasoning of the proletariat as" a decreasing minority "is based on the fact that the ranks of the working class in the theory of the radical Left "expelled" millions of highly skilled workers that have emerged in the course of the modern scientific and technological revolution.

Press, including

"Spiritual fathers" of the economic... "Spiritual fathers" of economic radicalism considered American political economists Paul Baran (now deceased) and Paul Sweezy. In the most concentrated form their views on modern capitalism Baran and Sweezy outlined in the book "monopoly capital". Already in the introduction, they announced that in contemporary capitalism opened by the author of "Capital" laws allegedly lost its force.

Now, they said, are fundamentally different laws peculiar to monopoly capitalism, but because of the Marxian category of surplus value, which expresses the relations of capitalist exploitation, reportedly already outdated.

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