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At the expert level, highly...

Автор: olegj от 13-05-2013, 15:03

At the expert level, highly...

At the expert level, highly regarded economic and political future of China. Focuses attention on the ability to potentially become one of the principal U. S. competitors. The report of the National Council on Intelligence Global Trends-2020" focuses on the fact that China has all the necessary prerequisites not only come out in 2020 to second in the world in terms of GDP, but also to become a "technology leader".

The report does not rule out the possibility of closer relations between Europe and China. It is clear that China has not been able to achieve such great results without foreign investment. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, China ranks first in the world in terms of direct foreign investment, pushing the United States.

China, along with other giants, who are also developing rapidly - India and Brazil, according to Harvard University economist Richard Freeman - "virtually doubled the size of the global labor force, have helped keep inflation and prompted a change in the relative prices of labor, capital, goods and real estate, and thus tremendously spurred the production potential of the world. " There is a hypothesis that in 2020 China will become the world currency.

At the expert level, highly...

By 2020, the total volume of the economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) exceeds the total amount of GDP G8. However, there are limitations that may affect the position of the country - first of all the internal contradictions in the middle of the state. Talking about the future of India and China, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said his company's strategy in the global market is based on a serious approach to research and develop new products. "We are now stronger than ever because we have a lab in Cambridge, China, India, and it is there to solve the main problems faced by computer science" - he said.

At the expert level, highly...

"For example, a software engineer in India earns six times smaller than its counterpart in the United States," - said Bill Gates. Also, besides the rosy economic outlook, billion-largest population of India and China are expected to primarily problems in the social sphere. The problem is way out of the poverty of the poor sections of society and disease.

India is really lacking so many things, to become the second U. S.. As the economists of the World Economic Forum: "We need to take into account the real contradictions of China's development. This, above all, a significant economic differentiation between regions, particularly between urban and rural areas, and between the individual layers of the population. " According to Chinese statistics, 20% of the richest population receives 50% of all income, while the poor (20%) - met only 4.7% of revenue. Another problem is the high energy cost of China's economy: $ 1 of GDP in China spent 4.3 times more energy than the United States.

At the expert level, highly...

Nevertheless, the main obstacle to the development of India and China will be how analysts believe that these countries will not be able to continue, and even more so to accelerate its development without sustained investment dollars. Why do we need loans? It would seem that nothing could be simpler - live within our means, then how much money will earn so much and you can spend. And if you buy something in mind that the above salary, you can uzhatsya somewhere and save.

After all, when no one has the soul and easy, and a great many people think so. True, that somehow it turns out that the man who never took money to meet debt is very difficult, if not impossible. At least with friends or acquaintances in almost all loans were taken, and many have come to the bank. And were happy that at least you can take the money somewhere. And is that because you never know the future.

Unfortunately, life is very complicated thing, and she throws in a variety of surprises - who are good, who does not. Sometimes, something that is sold at a discount, but only for the current week and the salary is, unfortunately, only in the next. And it happens that the orders for the current month was not enough, and as they say "not earned." It happens that, and fired from his job, and while looking for a new job, then the accumulation of all Istrate. But it is even worse...

But you must admit, it's better to do real dream - the dream of a new car, a trip abroad, repairs in the apartment, finally... Trite, but all these "surprises" usually share one thing - money is needed. And the question is, where to get them. Well, if there is good uncle or a rich one, and if not or do not want to burden anyone?

Here the only way to the bank or other organization that gives out loans. Now offers the benefit of the credit market very much, and borrow money available quickly enough, especially if a good credit history, a stable salary, residence such as is necessary, and other documents, if necessary, in order.

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