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In addition to solving...

Автор: olegj от 7-05-2013, 14:29

In addition to solving...

In addition to solving the above problems, the European System of Central Banks in the normal course of business carries out the following functions: 1. issue of banknotes and coins. The ECB is the only organization authorized to permit the emission of bank notes denominated in euros. ESCB shall issue the notes, which will be the only legal tender in the countries of the EMU. 2. cooperation in the field of banking supervision. The role of the ESCB banking supervision is rather limited. The system should only contribute to the orderly conduct of relevant activities and can offer their recommendations on the scope of an applicable law and order of application.

In addition to solving...

Statutes of the ESCB includes provisions that give it the right and a more direct involvement in banking supervision, but such authority would require a unanimous decision of the Council of the EEC. 3. advisory functions. ECB advises the Council of Europe or the governments of the EEC members on all projects in the part within its competence: on monetary, payment and settlement funds, the national central banks, statistics, payment and settlement systems, the stability of credit institutions, financial markets and etc. 4. collection of statistical data. For the proper use of monetary policy instruments, they must rely on reliable and comparable statistics. This applies in particular to the financial and banking data needed, for example, to calculate the base reserve requirements and price statistics, as long as it is connected with the implementation mentioned the ultimate goal of monetary policy of the ESCB.

In addition to solving...

In particular, the system has already appeared partially harmonized indices of consumer prices. To the extent not impairing the main purpose of his existence - to maintain price stability, the European System of Central Banks and is expected to support the general economic policies in the European Economic and Monetary Union. ESCB is an independent banking system. In carrying out its activities the members of its governing bodies have no right to use the instructions or regulations of governments and public authorities of the countries of the European Economic Community or foreign countries.

In turn, the institutions of the European Economic Community and the governments - EMU members have no right to interfere in the activities of the European System of Central Banks. The Statute of the ESCB the following measures defining security policy and the independence of Governors of the national central banks of foreign influence: o minimum term of office of the Managing CS - five years; o minimum (non-renewable) term of office for members of the Executive Board of the ECB - for eight years.

In this case, the procedure for approval of the President and Vice-President of the Executive Board of Directors for the first order of the statement is different from its other members; o termination of the term of office is only possible due to a physical disability or serious errors in the implementation of officials; o All disputes and differences in the implementation of activities within the competence of the European Court of Justice. Responsibility of the European System of Central Banks and of the rules of the dialogue between the ESCB and the European and international institutions also meet the requirements of independence. The members of the Executive Board of Directors shall be appointed by mutual agreement of the Heads of State or Government of the countries - participants of the EMU with the advice of the Council of the European Union.

In addition to solving...

Approval by the European Parliament is a prerequisite for the appointment of members of the Executive Directorate. Chairman of the ECOFIN and the European members of the Council may participate in meetings of the Executive Board of Directors without the right to a decisive head, and the Chairman of the ECOFIN may make proposals to the Board of Governors. The ECB should send its annual report to the authorities of the European Community, the European Parliament and the members of its Executive Board of Directors are required to appear on call in the competent committee of the European Parliament.

Quarterly reports on the activities of the ESCB are the basis for the quarterly negotiations with the European Parliament in the presence of the President of the ECB or, if necessary, members of the Executive Board of Directors. Two representatives of the ECB and the NCBs representatives are members of the Economic and Financial Committee, which brings together representatives of the economic and finance ministers and central bank governors - and prepares the participant EEC ECOFIN meeting.

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