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And they replaced...

Автор: olegj от 19-05-2013, 16:16

And they replaced...

And they replaced this category vague and undefined concept of "economic surplus" that grossly distort the content and purpose of capitalist production. According to their definition, the "surplus" is the difference between the value of the product produced by society and necessary for its production costs. The value of the "economic surplus" is regarded as an indicator (index) of the Company's productivity and wealth.

At first glance, it appears that: - "economic surplus" is equivalent to the concept of "surplus value". But this is not the case.

Surplus value, according to the teachings of Baran and Suyzi - is only part of the "economic surplus." Of what composed the other part? Economists-left radicals believe that it is mainly the so-called "sverhzarplata workers.

" Following Ricardo they believe that the wage level is determined by the value of the minimum amount of material goods necessary for a worker and his family. They call this level "of existential minimum.

And they replaced...

" This judgment is unscientific, and at one time was refuted by Marx. According to Marx, the amount of wages of the proletariat by the cost of the labor force, which includes not only the cost of vital goods necessary for a worker and his family, but also the so-called historical and moral element. The latter depends on educational and cultural level of the working class of the country, the level of its social achievements in the struggle against the capitalist class, the maturity and solidarity workers' parties and trade unions. The proposed attention...

In the present to the reader a popular work, not pretending to research characteristics of this complex and contradictory phenomenon, reveals some of the most characteristic aspects of the economic views of the radical left theorists. Cr pevye radicals "update" Marxism radical leftist economists argue that the theoretical basis of their beliefs is the doctrine of Karl Marx.

And they replaced...

But since, in their view, the Marxist theory of the Communists have been revised, they are supporters of the "updated", "creativity" of Marxism that takes into account recent changes in the economic and social structure of capitalism. As a scientific basis for the study of Marxism left radicals came to the fore works of those academics who are called neo-Marxists and consider themselves followers of Marx and Lenin. In the United States was created by the Union of Radical Political Economy. By the middle of it was more than economists university and college professors, researchers, critically examining the problems of modern capitalism.

Serious criticism of monopolies, economic and social policy, the arms race, military adventures brought Union popularity with progressive public. Radical economists believe in the historical inevitability of the collapse of capitalism. This right conclusion, they borrowed from Marx, they feel the need to confirm the new arguments derived from a study of real economic processes.

And they replaced...

Such a desire is in itself laudable, but these arguments are taken from the concepts that (as will be shown below) are far from creative Marxism. The views of these economists have become widespread among the supporters and members of the various organizations of the radical left. Of course, different groups and areas they acquired their own interpretation, adapted to the specific policy settings leaders of these groups. Later, however, the representatives of... Later, however, representatives of the radical left movement began to show more interest in the theory.

They began to realize that without its own socio-economic theory of the radical left movement can not exist. Therefore, even in the individual members of the movement began to engage in philosophical and sociological problems associated mainly with the position of man in the modern bourgeois society.

Then they have markedly increased interest in economic theory. A reflection of this was the emergence at the end of the United States and some other countries, the current left-wing radical political economy. Economic views of the radical Left is deeply contradictory.

Criticism of their evils of the capitalist system and its inhuman nature, especially the realities of modern imperialism, contributes to the development of anti-capitalist consciousness among the broad masses of the population of the West and thus the formation of the general public in the future coalition that can speak for fundamental social transformation of bourgeois society. However, the economic ideas of the radical Left, based on fuzzy non-proletarian social base and therefore perversely represents movement toward socialism (as well as the nature of socialism) are being adopted by various leftist groups, openly hostile to Marxism. These ideas are used by them for the "justification" of extremist control methods, the use of which has caused great damage to the forces of progress in their confrontation with the world of capital. In accordance with these and related parties communist radical Left to different groups may not be the same.


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