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Business angels provide...

Автор: olegj от 14-04-2013, 15:25

 Business angels provide...

Business angels provide small amounts required for the "start" of the newly created company. They fill a gap in the financing, investing it in areas that are not attractive to other investors. Business angels invest in almost all industries. Regardless of the industry business angels attract companies with high growth potential.

When making financial decisions business angels are showing more flexibility than a venture capital firm. They have a different approach to investment: investment horizons are further away ("patient money"), procedures for the allocation of funds is much simplified, the rate of return is much lower. Obtaining loans from business angels does not provide such high interest payments as the other investors.

Most business angels have a rich experience of business, they are generous in helping the newly established company back on its feet. Free help and advice from the investor - a professional business - invaluable for the novice entrepreneur. Financial market business angels is broader geographically than the formal market funds.

Business angels can be found everywhere. Investment Business Angels play the role of the lever, as a newly established company that has received funding becomes more attractive to other investors. Private investment increased interest in investment funds to such companies. Business angels also provide start-up companies loan guarantees in addition to the funds they invest personally.

Syndicates of business angels In recent years significantly increased the number of business angels who invest, as part of a syndicate of investment. This approach allows you to make larger and more frequent investments.

Experienced investors prefer these investment groups. These groups, which sometimes includes up to 100 people, organize their activities through forums.

Access to such a group can be obtained through one or more members. To ensure the anonymity of membership, many syndicates (also called Business Angels) avoid publicity. Syndicates of business angels provide investors with the following benefits: 1. The possibility of combining capital to finance large-scale projects. 2. A wide variety of investment projects.

3. Complementarity and mutual exchange of useful contacts and the use of investment expertise (selection, a preliminary examination, scrutiny, monitoring). 4. Ability to add to the existing portfolio of investments. 5. Ability to add subsequent rounds to existing investments.

However, membership in the trade unions requires costs and can not arrange those investors who want the "last word" always belonged to them, and so they prefer themselves to actively participate in the investment process. Usually, one member of the group provides to the syndicate project, with the expectation that he will participate in its funding.

 Business angels provide...

Then, the proposal is evaluated on a group of the general meeting. Each team member makes an independent decision to refuse or participation in an investment project. Also, each investor the right to determine its ownership. Once the decision is made, the participating business angels are beginning to realize their investment on a predetermined schedule.

Compared with simple organization, the more complex and larger syndicates are often looking for opportunities to work on larger, more profitable markets. Types of Business Angels and their participation in the development of The following types of business angels: Corporate business angels. This type of private investors use to invest the money they receive as compensation for dismissal from the post of senior manager of a large corporation. In-funded companies are also seeking a senior position, participate in one investment project are approximately $ 1 million in cash, invest up to 200 thousand dollars.

 Business angels provide...

Angels entrepreneurs. This is the most active business angels.

They invest the largest amount, usually 200-500 thousand dollars As a rule, they are successful entrepreneurs themselves and are looking for a way to diversify your investment portfolio or expand an existing business in the investee company does not occupy the position.

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