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» » » Accumulation within the group...
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Accumulation within the group...

Автор: olegj от 18-12-2012, 18:13

Accumulation within the group...

Accumulation within the group of thousands of scientists, designers, engineers, high-class technicians and workers of various nationalities constituting the internal social infrastructure multinational manufacturing process - all this is logically puts corporations before the ensuing consequences and challenges. In particular, there was a need for in-house production network of special education (according to the production profile of the company, and most importantly with the specifics of international work) required new levels of material incentives for staff, there is a need to develop new methods of "commitment" to the firm to avoid the risk of migration expensive specialists of done. It took also the creation of conditions preventing the "Impairment" specialist, which included not only the cost of timely re-training of existing staff, and for hospitals, schools, boarding schools and public services, as well as for the organization of free time for workers and their families. And all this was organized in the framework of intra will help prevent erosion and so it is difficult to cobble together a coordinated "team".

As a result of all these new inclusions significantly increased management concern, it formed a broad social sector. Itself has changed "object control". Whereas previously the object of management was mainly working in the shop, but now the scope has covered the impact of all those around him, all microsocium worker.

Accumulation within the group...

Such claims, of course, put forward ... Such claims, of course, put forward multinationalization itself, creating a distinct political, ideological, social and institutional conditions to ensure the stable operation of a manufacturing organization in different countries. . The genesis of installations principles relied on by managers, creating a social infrastructure, first, extend to all the "social space" of concern in all the countries of his stay, and secondly, had almost total for all MNCs, and this created their political- ideological influence as a phenomenon, the phenomenon. In this unity of principles and formed a unified sense of the process as multinatsionalizm.

Accumulation within the group...

To understand this problem, it is important to remember that all of the historical dynamics of industrial organization pas West over the last - years characterized by attempts to overcome certain mashinotsentrizma in industrial management. During the formation of MNCs called trend absorbs features of ideology and propaganda multinatsionalizma.

From managerialism As you know, the organization of production in capitalist enterprises was based on "the principles of scientific management" developed by the American engineer FW Taylor which stated that each job has its own "single best method", which should be explicitly designed and developed to the degree of automaticity. The man was seen as an essential link in the overall series (line) smoothly moving machines. His emotional and psychological state not taken into account. With the implementation of these "principles" to describe industries, of course, is roughened, as it were maximized: working almost directly integrated into the manufacturing complex mechanisms (like the component technologies) and after a certain time interval pro-(by exhaustion of his physical strength), the motion was adjourned machines.

Accumulation within the group...

To intensify the work on the basis of material incentives vseuslozhnyavshihsya methods used. Taylor method, in practice, turned-...

Taylor's method, in practice turned-nothing more than "in-line conveyor belt" for the first time Ford has realized that ensured his concern championship in competitive races. "Stream pipeline" was firmly canonized by bourgeois propaganda, was elevated to the ideology of management. Despite the fact that the human factor is interpreted only mechanically, yet it was the first theoretically sound method, which included this factor.

As such, from here that the whole bourgeois "theory of governance." By the time the principles of the management were still not in conflict with any industrial realities. Externally, they are completely in harmony with the ideological attitudes of the bourgeoisie in the working and domestic - is consistent with production technology and competitive conditions. Industry at first and did not require more.

However, the conditions of competition in the development of the production of pure mashinotsentrizmu put a limit in the bourgeois management: Taylor methods brought after a number of "improvements" in the various capitalist enterprises in the extreme, have generated the type of psychologically crippled worker is "unprofitable" in the system. Expansionary logic of capitalism has transformed the theoretical method of organizing production in a soulless press operation - in "Taylorism." Before the bourgeois management are logically got a new question about saving potentials of human personality on the line, more-intensifying production.

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