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Appeared and direct...

Автор: olegj от 24-12-2012, 21:04

Appeared and direct...

Appeared and direct relationship. Narrow specialization program "trustee" allow graduates to implement the appropriate professional status only on the condition of getting a seat at the enterprises of the concern. Must be added that by implementing the "right" system of public education in educational centers, MNCs have tried to communicate to them the program recyclag, that is, the ongoing training of personnel to be already within the firm. The same picture was created... The same pattern was created and these concerns when looking for the right they finished the labor force.

Resorting to the first stage of its formation is very active in the state budget and the impact on the industries that they needed to be reformed, MNCs strongly encourage the public service. Concerns have contributed to the organization of national accounting professionals to facilitate their "search".

Appeared and direct...

For example, the well-known unprecedented "intrusion" of the federal government in the United States in the region's vocational training, increasing research under the slogan "investment in human resources" resulted in fact in the same orientation. The last thing it solved the problem of employment nationwide. Comprehensive tracking of the presence of the labor force, centralized in the federal services and purposed for public welfare, to actively implement only certain industries, outlines all the same "profile".

Professor at Princeton and the University of Richmond. Korzon in the book "Doing Business in human society", calling this phenomenon "intervention in the process of exploding," wrote that a central register of seized "a fan of issues - from employment and age to the ethnic characteristics of the existing labor force." Were established by the beginning of the annual national "banks" jobs (which were advertised as a form of combat unemployment). In reality, this event is promoted mainly quickly find experts that are needed MNCs, their systematic training and overall concerns helped to use the "human resources" with the greatest efficiency.

By taking the time to take the case to itself, concerns have intensified public services and the budget, requiring increased federal investment in all the "okolopromyshlennye" social sector. Characterized in that the parallel processes. In Sweden, for example, along with a large appropriation of funds to improve the quality and structure of the labor force, significantly weakened state control over the activities of the largest staffing firms.

Appeared and direct...

By the beginning of years in most capitalist countries becomes apparent primary focus of this activity. However, by the middle of the... However, by the middle of the years and this layout forces multinatsionaliziruyuschiysya not meet the capital. And above all, he was the State to interfere with the activity itself.

In its task of creating a database of labor for large-scale production (as well as the research base) MNCs were not able to continue to rely on government policy and with increasing determination vnutrikontsernovye began to organize the system of training of operating personnel. While in developed countries personnel policy concerns at the stage of preparation predfirmennoy started with rewriting curricula, breaking public-professional training schemes (ie, breaking the long-established forms), in the developing countries to establish their cause MNCs were forced to carry out the original event - themselves or through the intermediary concerned (who often acted very nation-state). To prepare the necessary workforce for its specialized high-tech manufacturing, concerns had to start from far away and difficult to conduct managerial manipulation.

For example, the West German OLS support those parts of the government's "policy development" and "aid programs" to developing countries, which concerned the creation of professional schools in the countries themselves, they have a "home", and did not support the training activities of even small groups of students from these countries in the DF And the learning process in the field organized in a way that graduates of vocational schools could be directly employed by the subsidiaries of foreign corporations in these countries.

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