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» » » That's why it centers themselves...
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That's why it centers themselves...

Автор: olegj от 27-11-2012, 16:05

That's why it centers themselves...

That's why it centers themselves become internationalized. The first international center of im-vershenstvovaniya managerial personnel was created in Geneva. However, the emergence of these centers nada na - e. They open across Europe in Lausanne, Fontainebleau, Brussels and West Berlin to Oslo. Three main tasks performed these international venues) assistance to countries in which local institutions do not meet the needs of the international organization of production;) leadership training directly to international corporations;) replication of the largest MNCs to all countries. These challenges point to the fact that, in general, the Centres wore promultinatsionalny character.

That's why it centers themselves...

And here met the interests of MNCs are not only economic ones, but also to a certain extent ideological. Apologetics MNCs (essentially originated here and later evolved into self-concept) began with the apologetics of international managers, whose task was formulated as the task of creating the highest form sotsioproizvodstvennoy organization.

RID program centers on management training and research in the field of organization, management and administration of modern industry are increasingly found themselves inextricably linked with any particular international concern. When they talked, for example, such an institution as IMEDE in Lausanne, running the procedure at Harvard Business School, that meant the research and training of managerial personnel is mainly for the Swiss multinational concern "Nestle". When contacted about the Institute of CEI in Geneva, we had in mind the urgent needs of Aluminum Group (Canada), funded the study CEI. Mostly the same in all of this... Mostly the same in all of this was the fact that MNCs are increasingly started to create their own in-house centers, which were both research activities and training of senior managers.

They were designed to anticipate and provide not only the managerial, but also production and technical aspects of the organization, and even social, that is, all the vital issues, without which they could not function effectively firms abroad. Despite the fact that these centers are very expensive, they quickly became the focus of research and teaching personnel from many countries, attracted by higher than in public centers, social conditions and a more effective organization of labor. These centers also became a source of commercially viable research quickly pays all expenses.

Moreover, it is here formed a "new central resource of the world economy: multinational administrator." Designed to create an "international housing managers" These centers have created it as an avant-garde and non-national squad global expansion.

That's why it centers themselves...

Multinatsiopalizm set himself the task of its management policy of the direct production of the human "life" as the center. Since the solution of this problem from scratch - "selection" in management, MNCs conducted further training on the full range of their possible functions. Dozens of detailed ten-year program from the beginning aimed at ensuring that "industry" multinational industry.

And by the end of the period were already implemented many programs but the training of managers. Back in held in Brussels at the VII European Congress of the International Council of Management but the French used investigator M. Colla, talking about the training of managers in the Group "GULF", pointed out that so far the company looked for leading cadres mainly among its own employees, finding nuggets that have a "pull" committed to the required level. However, this practice has become obsolete.

Finding a manager, the company has the necessary qualifications in the public schools control MNCs have already proved to be unprofitable, as the graduates of these schools have a general theoretical knowledge of control, could not work on the "partial" and simultaneously "global" multinational production, where an integrated organization case involves the ability to control, on the one hand, to understand the situation "globally" in a very broad international range, and the other - to know the highly technical and commercial details of the concrete and "partial" product. In the development of multinational management noted that the old practice of administrative detail to direct the actions of employees with the help of "third-party" planning experts creates a risk that any work of experts not familiar with the production and politics of this group, would not be effective.

That's why it centers themselves...

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