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During all subsequent

Автор: olegj от 20-12-2012, 08:47

During all subsequent

During all subsequent... Throughout the next decade, a spontaneous expansion of conflicts around the MNCs forced management concerns are increasingly active in the same direction, that is equipped with a sotsiopolitiku new techniques, and in particular the transfer of methods and quality inherent in the production and management and developed severe competition, on the management of social. First of all, this applies to such qualities of industrial management, as centralization and complexity. Of course, sotsiopolitika concerns initially was subject to the requirements of economic conditions. In general, all aspects of their activities inevitably reflected the core, the total character and style of their production practices.

However, appearing at social events held by them, the totality of the approach proves to be particularly noticeable. And the more aggravated the situation became MNCs in the environment, the more obvious the "philosophy" of their sotsiopolitiki and ekonomopolitiki manifested themselves adequately.

And if the social activity of MNCs and previously wore spontaneous episodic nature that as they develop, it was done permanently, but a strategy and special organizations with huge financial resources and carefully designed plan. As for the deliberate indoctrination, it should be emphasized that it is an external conflict contributed to the rise sotsiopolitiki MNC to a higher level: it has stepped up the installation bring ideology activities.

During all subsequent

In essence, the inner sotsiopolitika MNCs where retsepient acted own staff has a wide range of funds management than the outside. And much conflict did not arise in this privileged environment. And to control the external environment at the disposal of management MNCs often do not have other effective means other than ideological propaganda. It searches for the means to conflicts arising from the external environment, managers were forced to turn to the ideological justification of its policies in the host countries and methods of "enclave" of business within the national economy, to justify the privileged position of its personnel in the foreign national environment.

All this is forcing MNCs to move away from their previous settings to anonymity and go to the open advertising - not so much in product promotions, as to the ideological propaganda of facing inward as the workers 'spaces', and in the sphere of consciousness surrounding retsepnentnyh groups. Thus, the ideological bias...

During all subsequent

Thus, the external form of indoctrination as management was caused by the direct needs of doing business. From the "internationalization" of their staff sotsiopolitika MNCs passed to implement promultpnatsionalnyh plants into the environment. Ideological propaganda in this case, to organize with the expectation of a greater range of exposure and by relying on an extensive information service. Managers not only used their extension services, but sought to establish control over the means of mass communication reception (until they move within the group).

The involvement of multinational enterprises in the external social environment, contributing to the rise of their sotsiopolitiki to the level of ideological activity is yet another imperative that activity. In general, all of the mandatory factors - the need to create your own (or controlled) research service, the need for a coherent international organizations and systems of their own training and, finally, the need to manage the relationship with the environment - were formed into a single determinant: in international practice more evident than in the practice of national firms, manifested an organic connection with the production of social planning and ideological strategy. This determinant forced international companies to consider the social sphere with both of its poles and as a source of resources, and as a channel of possible serious losses.

During all subsequent

Wanting to ease the volatility of the sphere, MNCs and creating their vnutrifirmen infrastruc-ture non-competitive level, ie, on terms substantially above the national average. Allocating larger than the national business, the amount of salary funds, consumer services, education and entertainment, MNCs were sotsiopolitiku on an industrial scale, aiming to transform the social sphere of the weakest link in the chain - uncontrolled, and often uncontrollable - in the stable additional source of direct production capacity.

Ultimately multinatsponalizatsiya ... Ultimately multinatsponalizatsiya production has led to the emergence of a new type of "okoloproizvodstvennoy science" and a new type of "in-house scientist." The same process has created a new type of production worker: skilled worker and MNCs.

As part of a foreign enclave, each of them on the background of the national environmental protection was a new benchmark for the worker, the specialist and scientist. This new cadre squad had a significant effect on all of the surrounding social environment.

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