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In the course of the discussion...

Автор: olegj от 21-11-2012, 13:39

In the course of the discussion...

In the course of the discussion of these problems method... In the course of the discussion of these problems the method of "internationalization" in multinational management methodologists multinatsionalizma was regarded as a major lever to achieve future economic and political success. In the initial management concepts MNCs mentioned in this connection that the "internationalization" of administrative managerial personnel should be erected in the basic principle as the economic effect brought by the "internationalist" as manager, many times higher than the managers engaged in any other socio - psychological position. Trying to subsequently translate this principle into practice, leaders of corporations require their employees abroad to develop the ability to "go towards other forms of life," the ability to adapt and get used to that, in fact, cultivated for more than a decade.

In the course of the discussion...

To expedite this process, concerns at the stage of training, the training center has started to create an extremely mixed, multi-ethnic microenvironment where the science of "adapt" had to learn to almost everyone. To create such "international group", for example, concern "Siemens" footage collected from all over the world in one of the centers for training of its staff, which together with the citizens of the home country, also picked up the leadership group, they were a single training program. This "mixing" Concern tried to achieve the effects of the various plan from a purely psychological. The work team of divers on the same tasks that enable you to future leaders of different branches in different countries to quickly establish personal contact, which in the future will continue to be supported directly in the production process of communication.

In the "international groups" specifically to create an environment in which people from different countries began to lose a sense of organic connection and dependence not only on the country from which they came, but also from any country at all. Previous relationships and dependencies were replaced by a sense of belonging to something else, the general, whole, ie, to the concern. Slogan, sentimental expression Siemens'" We are all - one family! "- Instilled in the minds of almost all MNCs personnel, purchasing, depending on the task at different wording.

So, one of the leaders of the "IBM" by J. Mezonruzh... So, one of the leaders of the "IBM" by J. Mezonruzh expressed task separation from any of the national media and operationally more harshly in concern "should be a multinational headquarters, staffing, staffed by people who have come from different countries, so that none of the nationalities not dominant in the organization. " Such practices - along with the integration of internationalization - strengthened, according to methodologists multinatsionalizma, corporate affection.

In the course of the discussion...

Particularly clear manifestation of this effect is expected in young professionals who came from developing countries. After going training on a certain group companies at home and sometimes we get the general education and initial qualification for those "aid programs" of which we have already said, that is from the same group, these professionals are now sent abroad to study not only to improve their skills, but also to the subsequent receipt of a higher place in the social hierarchy of the same group again, as the latter carried out training of their staff with regard to their advancement, respectively qualification obtained. Similar national staff, but what you have learned in the international center of concerns of states have tried to fill its branches on the ground.

In the course of the discussion...

In this case it was conducted not on the units, which were "lucky" and who have been trained in one of the "world's best centers", and a very large group of people. If all of the company's managers "Unilever" in Sri Lanka, but were against the local staff foreigners, in% management personnel of the group were already representatives of the local nationalities. The same can be said about the Swiss "Nestle", which brought the number of foreigners employed in its factories in Syria, Brazil and Malaysia, to all employees. Cosmopolitanization program implemented as it steps.

Initially kontsernovye frames (pa field) remain national, as (so far) local communication does not require more. Then take a course on "internationalization", intended for large "linear" managers responsible for a chain of operations that require inter-branch communications.

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