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» » » All these factors, coupled... All of these...
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All these factors, coupled... All of these...

Автор: olegj от 4-12-2012, 04:57

All these factors, coupled... All of these...

All these factors, coupled... All of these factors together and created in the years that complicated socio-political situation, which at one pole of the social relations all contributed escalation of inter-imperialist contradictions, and on the other - gave rise to new challenges in the labor and trade union movement, delayed the emergence of progressive international mass consciousness. Complex influence of multinational corporations is an essential factor that complicates social relations. In general, the spiritual atmosphere created inside the bourgeois-nationalist propaganda, on the one hand, and on the other - ostensibly opposing her cosmopolitan propaganda MNCs operating every high ideals of the nation and culture, and each in their own economic interests, the atmosphere engendered conflicting ideological phenomena. They are an additional burden of misunderstanding lay on the consciousness of the people lost in this cycle, and seeking to find spiritual support in the indigenous national culture, historical memory, ideals, dreams and illusions of national consciousness.

All these factors, coupled... All of these...

The primary unit of multinational conflicts As for themselves, "incorporated" and exported from the country workers, the new place they found themselves "under-knit thousands of threads" to the concern, entered in the range of complex dependencies on it. The first of them - an extremely narrow specialization of labor, which made it possible to work on the shop floor, in the main proceedings (rather than loading and unloading works and other ancillary areas), but at the same time is not allowed to change jobs without losing any of the qualification level of the work, its prestige, that is tied to a specific person MNCs. The second addition to the dependence of the first advocated: increased salary compared, first, with the workers - nationals, but back home (except for those who work at home pas local branches kakoyu-libo MNCs), and second, compared with the workers of the same training here, abroad, in the same country, but not working in a foreign company, and engaged in local national companies. And the higher the status it once had at the concern, the stronger became the attachment, "commitment", as it is called international managers in MNCs. The corresponding proportions were recorded...

The corresponding proportions were also reflected in the statistics of labor migration. For example, data from Lyon's (France), given B. Kaiser testified that goes deeper than the process of "incorporation" of foreign workers and the higher the level occupied by the group "betriebsverkerov" in the hierarchy of staff concerns, the smaller the share of this group in migration processes.

Thus, we see that the lower level management policies (ie, the ratio of managers to staff low-skilled) caused noticeable socio-psychological, ideological and cultural implications. In addition, multivariate obschekapitalisticheskom amplification process of labor migration multinatsionalizm created a complex conflict node, it drew increasingly large forces, led to the aggravation of labor, production, and cultural relations within the host countries, as well as between the host countries, labor, and countries it unwittingly exporting. At the level of low-skilled groups concerns contributed to the "global" (obschekapitalisticheskoy) the internationalization of the labor force by the very fact of its widespread activity, as well as targeted and general social policy, which on its lower level has created around himself a wide socio-psycho-acoustic resonance. Create at this level Semiwall to natural practice of internationalization of personnel, it is undoubtedly amplified by its upper level, at the level of control of the nomenclature, the "elite" of labor, where the internationalization of MNCs staff served as the basis for the fundamental constant of its formation, that is already used as a method.

All these factors, coupled... All of these...

The core of social policy "Multiiatsionalov" is the training of international managers. Interception concerns of various social functions of the state, the transformation of the superstructure institutions in infrastructure, ie diversification "inside" of the firm as an infrastructure sites (stages) of production - this process with the most clearly realized in relation to the managers.

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