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It should be noted that this...

Автор: olegj от 19-11-2012, 18:51

It should be noted that this...

It should be noted that this course of many MNCs have not really touched iaivysshy management personnel. "Olympus" concerns, pesmotrya pas denatsionaliziruyuschuyu official propaganda, remains predominantly mononational. Thus, one of the presidents of the Swiss "Nestle" P. Vogt, a French national, passionately touted concern as the embodiment of "internationalism", at a time when higher headquarters, that is the backbone of the group, almost a man was on the% of porter-cans. It is this group, despite the widest prevalence of the company "Nestle", continued to hold in their hands the key drivers of all lines from Mexico City to of Kuala - Lumpur.

It should be noted that this...

Similar examples... These examples point to the current results planted a few years ago, the program - conscious course cosmopolitanization concerns on the administrative apparatus.

It should be noted that this...

Direct and full cosmopolitanization these programs do not reach, but still had great practical importance for the development of the concern. One of the board members of the same "Unilever", estimating the complex conditions for successful development of the company, said: "The biggest challenge is how to yunilevizirovat our management company, for example, in India, on the other hand, Indianize kontsernovoe guide" Unilever "." Raising this principle is the basis of a two-pronged tactics of multinational management, concerns have tried to convey their economic interests propaganda "internationalism. " It is characteristic that in the course of sotsioproizvodstvennoy policy OLS held a peculiar organization of internationalism, that is conducted specifically funded and planned "but internationalism.

" This unit covers not only the educational sphere, but penetrated and working practices: includes contacts for the day, thought over the selection of employees, compliance with the set of libraries, service, life, entertainment, and even the design of offices. Of course, in practice cosmopolitanization was reduced to no more than a kind of "yunileverizatsii" installations. Instead of setting the country on citizenship concern was trying to implement the installation of concern and how to replace national citizenship "allegiance" concern. Undoubtedly, such a task required and special ideological "refunding" and the first study of law MNCs to perform such functions.

The ideological model group, developed its theorists included so the first thing the approval of the historically objective convergence of interests multinatsionalizma, his purpose (as a global process) with the greatest historical ideals of man. A particular concern in this regard was interpreted as a particle of the single force that is able to turn in the near future system states, today conflict with each other, in one global society. Using the terminology of internationalist ideology group tried to enter into the consciousness of retsepient cosmopolitan, but in fact the concept of promultinatsionalnuyu behavior. In the training centers and through all channels of internal...

In the training centers and through all channels of internal promotion to all members of staff concern inspires thoughts of the greatness of their tasks, the fact that their hands are concentrated enormous material resources - a reliable guarantor of the implementation of these tasks, and finally, on the growth of their own role each of them in the modern world. The traditional slogan of "old" capitalist "From the prosperity of the company - to personal prosperity" - in the offices of MNCs supplemented ideological phraseology "global reach": "After the prosperity of the company - the unification of mankind." The new slogan was working in a well-differentiated programs "applied" to the different categories of workers and employees, covering and their relatives. Besides the usual for private capitalist enterprises scale ideological cover (staff on the shop floor and in the offices), the new role of group broadcast to a wider audience through magazines, financed or bought up the concern, "series" TV movies, instructional and entertainment programs produced by concern especially for self-promotion.

So, during the years directly or indirectly extolling "the multinational concern" in comparison with other social institutions of capitalism, promoting MNCs openly raised the incorporated staff and the whole social area around them in the spirit that it is multinational concern and every employee it can be a real the power of connecting people of the world in an international entity. The benefit of corporations is hailed as supertasks of each rabotpika as the resultant of his personal goals, his daily labor force (which is supposedly MNCs lose meaning for all mankind).

It should be noted that this...

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