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Management theorists

Автор: olegj от 29-11-2012, 18:11

Management theorists

Management theorists... MNC management theorists have come to believe that it is necessary to prepare for leadership positions in top management schools, professionals already working in the company (such practices become the next in a "method promoted"). All of these personnel policy "Multinatsionalov" spawned an employee of the company some hope for the possibility of further career advancement.

Heated kontsernovoy propaganda, such expectations as a "commitment" to the firms in the group reflected the attitudes of all the staff. Model "multiloyalista" As for the programs already implemented within the centers, the first thing they pawned the task of creating a specific individual.

Management theorists

Vice-president of the New York "Feret-Neshnl City Bank" Costanzo, who had for a number of years dealing with the preparation of management training, gave a concise statement of the selection criteria: "International business - not a place for individuals with limited narrow-minded." Of course, what is meant by the MNCs "outlook", concerned in this case is not so much any common cultural qualities of the manager, as implied quite specific "ability to adapt to a foreign environment" with the least loss of efficiency in work. Estimating a few years created by the time management specialist multinational manufacturing, R. Kresser singled in his "portrait" following a particularly important from the point of view of management concerns traits: "Crucial to the success is not only business opportunities, and on the ability to adapt to a foreign environment.

Management theorists

Means a willingness to resolutely move towards other forms of life to gain the positive attitude of the country and its population. Between the ability to adapt and the success of the activity there is a relationship. With the increasing interweaving of the world economy are becoming closer and cultural spheres of individual countries, n in some ways - more homogeneous. Despite this, the specific features and characteristics of individual cultures are preserved.

The more different cultural spheres of the home country and the host country, the greater the level of success depends on the ability of actions to adapt to the environment of the host country. Osobenpo high degree of adaptability is achieved by the activities in which the established regular contact with other people in these countries, whether vypolpepie tehpiko-proizvodstveipyh or commercial objectives. It is not always easy to adapt to the relations prevailing in the country, especially when it comes to matters religiozpogo or national plan. Nmepno often in these matters against foreigners entered "taboo", and any interference in podobpye questions considered - and rightly so - as disturbing contribute koystviyu.

Knowledge of the rules of conduct in these matters sometimes play a very big role. That's good, at least, to know whether a particular issue "taboo". " By creating an "international body...

By creating an "international housing managers and treating it as a central resource of the world economy," MNCs put forward in connection with the wider problem, calling it "the internationalization of the management team." The essence of the problem they see is to transform a group of managers, regardless of skin color, language, culture, religion, into a single "team", monolithic in its target and goals. However, the integrity and unity should not seem disruptive force in relation to the environment, and the very ideals can not be such as to constitute an obstacle when working in an environment of people of different skin color, language, culture and religion.

Management theorists

We have already seen that the OLS and at a lower level of production "hierarchy" contributed to the internationalization of the labor force, combining the production and mixing work groups of different nationalities. On the other hand, we have seen that in itself is the mixing of low-skilled workers occurred largely under the influence of a tactical considerations.

What is changing in sotsiopolitike concerns when mixing was carried out at the professional level and even more so the organizers of production, ie, performed on the elite level, where the "internationalization" has acted as a method? Already "pas input" of the learning process, the selection of students in the learning center of the concern, management executives sought to identify people most susceptible to innovation, psychologically flexible, and so on, as the "output" multinational manager had to appear not only to support special knowledge, but also new qualities, not only scientific and not only the nature of the production. Kontsernovye training programs were aimed therefore at complex formation of a new identity, which "takes' multinational manager.

So, during the "tab" of the program Costanzo emphasized that the specific conditions of work in MNEs peobhodim performer is not performing character. "The international company is not looking for readers of cookbooks and skilled chefs, not potential pedants who just guided textbook business, and those that can be creators, even in an ever-changing environment."

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