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» » » Thus, the two most important... Thus, the two most...
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Thus, the two most important... Thus, the two most...

Автор: olegj от 28-12-2012, 17:30

Thus, the two most important... Thus, the two most...

Thus, the two most important... Thus, the two most important turning points in the conversion of "foreign companies" in "multinational corporations" - merging production cycles with the research element of the organizational structure and the emergence of supra-national level - have radically changed the attitude of the management concerns to social problems, put forward as one of the basic conditions to provide a new emerging business policy. "To be or not to be" multi-national concern, in fact, because there was a question in assessing the objectives of their social production. So at becoming "Multinatsionalov" comprehensive social policy reveals its mandatory. So began absorption concerns social functions inside other people and their country, ie, began "expansion" concerns the scope of government functions related primarily to the welfare of their farm.

Corporate social policy, guided by the strategic objectives of global corporations, has taken a conscious policy of creating complex internal corporate staffing services, is required to stimulate the development of the social sectors, which, naturally, has identified a large amount of their social "costs" (a much higher level of social welfare personnel enclaves MNC), on the one hand, and on the other - a tough selectivity of social problems that are included in the scope of attention concerns. Interception social functions One of the most important tasks of the multinational sotsiopro-industrial organization has thus forming the staff, and not only the "control" or "researchers", but working staff as a whole: Specialists lower, middle and upper levels of the specific to each of them methods of learning. Among these methods should immediately note the mandatory compliance with their internal unity as for the "home" contingent, and for foreign and accordingly respect the unity of the volume of training for all employees of multinational concern, no matter where they are. R. Kresser, director of the Center on personnel matters of concern "Siemens", summarized the policy expressed in the following units: "The labor force abroad to be trained with the same care, as everywhere in the firm" Siemens at home.

In many countries, there must be institutions of the firm. The most qualified staff to continue their education in German companies.

In-house events for the exchange of information and experience should include both German and foreign employees. The operating personnel abroad should have the same opportunities protest as the staff of the home country.

Necessary to ensure the involvement of employees abroad to the success of the whole company. Health services should be under constant management of the firm, especially in the tropics.

Thus, the two most important... Thus, the two most...

Recognition of company loyalty should be celebrated both at home and abroad. Must occur in the twenty-fifth and the fortieth anniversary of employment. Among the most important activities at the "Siemens include provision of old age pensions.

Many foreign companies have already introduced it. " Just look in a concise... Just look in compressed form management programs dozen other MNCs. Of course, all the points of the program Kressera imbued with the ideology of "commitment" concern. Meanwhile, they do not have the function of deliberate apologetics.

This is not a set of promotional abstracts. Before us list of the main areas of social policy, which, as we have emphasized, was forced to declare and actually implement multinatsionaliziruyushiysya capital.

Thus, the two most important... Thus, the two most...

It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the integrated management of MNCs beginning to embrace and labor hours, work and leisure, to cross the threshold of their businesses. Concerns tend to program the fate of the workers literally "from birth to death" - that expressed the scope and meaning of sotsiopolitiki MNCs K. Sauvant. Faced with its implementation with various government agencies, "Multinatsionaly" felt the need to push the government from those positions in the field of social planning, where the state policy became, according to the business unprofitable.

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