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The range of social activities...

Автор: olegj от 26-12-2012, 07:19

The range of social activities...

The range of social activities "Multinatsionalov" (especially in the years expanded) swept the institution of the foot and to the top of the formation of the expert: colleges, vocational schools and universities. "Multinatsionaly" campaigned for "specialist" at the same time with the campaign for "researcher" for their turn in the direction of greater economic environment, understanding it as a diagnosis of the situation plus the forecast. In developed countries (as opposed to developing) had concerns ("both at home and abroad") to break the established structures of higher education and professional training necessary qualifications l. By implementing market research studies in the interrogation departments of universities, companies have sought not just to break the academic "detachment" and break down the very structure of academic, introducing there the "principles of the business enterprise." They replaced the old inherent in the scientific world the concept of "time" to "time", "iroblemnost" to "subject", "progressive" to "market conditions", "research schools" to "group ad-hoc. The structure of academic relations themselves are subject to new evaluation criteria, said some new dependencies. Since the end of the company's aim to eliminate retains the "detachment" of research and training institutions from the current kontsernovyh programs.

The range of social activities...

By the middle years they have practically dictated this approach: "We can not tolerate the fact that in the name of academic freedom of research ignored the principles of business enterprise" - that generally formulated the problem of the General Directorate of Research and Development of many corporations. The firm at the time did not suit the "freedom" of academic centers are not just from the "industrial research", and has the specific industrial programs. Of scientific programs require direct correlation with production cycles B specific concern.

The task of implementing... The task of implementing the service in a multi-national research has led to the production of a special issue of personnel within the MNC. Heads of various departments of the concern no longer hold the product produced by national academic centers, that is, he "shot", produced by universities and firms received as an expert.

The range of social activities...

It became apparent that internationalized production requires it mandatory additional training. This two-way unprofitability of "academic freedom" forced MNCs to "want" from the state of reform, virtually unattainable on a national scale, and, therefore, forced to gradually catch out of the hands of government administrations 'reins' of planning in educational institutions. MNCs become "ammunition.

" But that was only the beginning. Known for deep restructuring of the system of special education, carried out by developed countries talisticheskih capital, led to the end of the years to ensure that the content of training programs a number of colleges and universities, especially in the U. S., was clearly focused on specific industries that reflect the specifics of international corporations. This orientation undoubtedly meant predetermines a multilateral dependence of these institutions from the "bullets".

Expanded and introduced new disciplines that meet the objectives that determine the "profile" of a production "patron." Especially rapidly implemented interdisciplinary field: analytical methods of management, the use of computer tech-ki, social psychology, international economic relations.

In other words, there is specialization, due to the needs of multinatsionaliziruyuschihsya productions. Very quickly, however, and this orientation was not sufficient for the needs of MNCs.

Then the leaders of international business are launching a campaign for further convergence for direct integration with MNC organization's highest and srednekvalifitsirovanny staff. For certain sectors of MNCs increased subsidies to specific schools, begins an intensive exchange of personnel, and in particular the practice of training graduate students at the concern.

The range of social activities...

This convergence has been as productive effect and the socio-psychological: expectations related to the prospect of jobs in such concerns, engendered in people at an early stage of learning the feeling of "corporate affection."

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