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» » » He must guard their interests...
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He must guard their interests...

Автор: olegj от 23-11-2012, 23:55

He must guard their interests...

- He must guard their interests first and foremost. The latter must be respected, even if it is the impression that his line of conduct contrary to the interests of the country in which it operates. " Of course, the last - this is extremely undesirable "puncture" in the form of a manager abroad, which is designed to keep the mask apolita, that is not even stateless (stateless persons), and the person seeking to obtain civil recognition in the host country and does not find that his line against the interests of the country in which it operates. However, the model behavior of the manager, along with the denial "of any nationalism," and laid the ability to use this nationalism up to direct terror against the government of the country or "resist" groups. "Internationalization cialized" managers begin to conduct their "business" cynical nationalist when the need arises.

He must guard their interests...

French explorer Jean Fralop shows (quoting the Paris newspaper "Le Monde"), that "the heads of multinational firms remain hidden most ardent supporters of nationalism, and never tire of telling that respect the (national) convention, as the weakness of the agreements they draw their strength. " Such a complex syndrome of behavior... Such a complex syndrome behavior in the national media at the forefront of the student model manager. One of the main elements of this model is the following: identification of MNCs with a "good citizen" in any host country, to give concern "for her" in every national society.

Meanwhile, despite the importance of this element is a tactical than the other - the main strategic element that is put into the model manager in accordance with the "global" strategy multniatsnoia - ism. The escalation of goals - ideals escalation This element models - understanding the role and importance of MNEs in the whole world. The manager should evaluate and understand the role of multinational corporations as a unique and realize the significance of their actions as cardinal for the future fate of the world. Manager MNC should be a "multiloyalistom" at first, and just a "loyalist" - and then later to be named only as needed. To emphasize the importance of this element of the model cadre of multinational business, Costanzo said: "The young man who comes out of a business school with no idea of ​​the extent and influence of multinational business, just not prepared for the reality of our economy, as well as the young man who would come out without the slightest ability to count.

He must guard their interests...

" Such a categorical position, implicitly putting forward multinational operations management and international business myself in the category of extraordinary, unique phenomena of time to reflect not only an understanding of the required "scope and effect" of management MNCs, but in general self-esteem "Multinatsnonalami" importance of the process of multpnatsionalizma. Model of "multi-national manager" marked the beginning of the period of "self-creation" MNCs and their willingness to "intercept" the social functions they need them in the right areas obschekapitalisticheskogo economy. Narrow, it would seem, the issue of the training of managers thus reflected a qualitative leap in the development of the business itself, the ideology and propaganda of multi - nationalism. Costanzo emphasizes that the need...

He must guard their interests...

Costanzo emphasizes that the need for strict and constant struggle for supremacy MNCs and most importantly - for the "global reach" dictates the need to learn to work as a manager, as if all the time runs ou. " Many theorists MNCs argue that another manager urovpya concern in today's office could not hold out for long. It is stated also that the required "portrait", proposed in the early years, there are already vpechatap to bend and thousands of top-class managers, op is "working" pas socio-psychological field multpnatsionalizma. After extensive vpedrepiya model "multiloyalista" in industries MNC, setting her on the flow of the problem itself "rabotpik MNCs' theorists multpnatsionalizma was raised to the next higher level.

Began to actively discuss: Does cosmopolitan manager portrait with the structure of the identity of the carrier, is change itself whether it is a person or a professional mask, worn over them in the entrance of the administrative skyscraper? The growth of business scale MNCs, growth of economic capacities have expanded their ideological possibilities, and therefore political.

In the area of ​​promotion that required escalation of ideals, and the staff policy concerns led to the formulation of business schools over the thorny issue of personal identification cadre OLS model "multiloyalista": in other words, when assessing the "ready" if the manager can talk about anything beyond the skills of something more than a skill that allows users to train managers sociologically note the appearance of a new type of personality that is internally identify their interests with the activities, which makes the line of duty, is it possible to ascertain the emergence of new social groups, new type of group consciousness, which should have been considered at the confluence of particular circumstances and, finally, how the same (if adequate) The ongoing "Multinatsionalov" with the prospects of MNCs multinatsionalizma future goals that they themselves and proclaim.

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