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Offering a model...

Автор: olegj от 25-11-2012, 20:10

Offering a model...

Offering a model manager as one of its main elements of the requirement of universality of thought and perception, Costanzo suggested that there needed to be a radical change of all the available representations of these people, the breakdown of their inner world. Universality will require yourself realistic goals that suddenly confront young managers in the "production area" MNCs. "It's hard to destroy their hopes when they discover that the old answers no longer apply to the new challenges that they face." These "new challenges" and demanded... These "new challenges" and asked for the manager of the new qualification, which from the beginning did not fit into the traditional "business school" and put the MNCs to have to organize their own schools to develop their own programs and mostly demanded a new awareness of their basic human resources tasks: education-specific installations "MNC employees.

" As one of them on the agenda was set by setting cosmopolitanization. In management programs, it is called the "internationalization of managers.

Offering a model...

" In addition to the ideological and political arguments, this attitude was caused by actual practice, the need to maintain production at the same time in different countries. In other words, it was dictated by the subject of the application of the labor force. Production process, contingent employees, surrounding the national sphere - all these "areas of work" as objects of labor management, throughout the production chain MNCs are constantly changing, manifested in various combinations with each other and within different political regimes in different countries. In contrast to the direct production workers, and especially the lower and middle qualifications to teach that the company could not caring about internationalization, as the object of their labor was largely constant (and geographically, and in the subject), the manager of "Empire of concern" postoyanpo was in a changing environment.

Offering a model...

The object of his work (production management MNC) was like a slide. All of it was pushing so many new issues that were no longer applicable "old answers" and that "the primary resource of the international economy" became a very expensive product for the company, and, therefore, in his model was necessary to "lay" the qualities that should have provided him cost-effective use. Provided, for example, the preparation for enforcement of multilateral functions and in different conditions while maintaining consistently high quality.

In a diversified economy and raznoterritorialnom MNCs in the chain of the concern of its workers, especially managers-jer, must be attached to a variety of professional "environment", which is characterized by a variety of multinational and widely diversified "production area" MNCs. Industrial demand... Industrial demand for such manager in a multinational organization arose also because the very structure of shareholders, and to some extent, and the heads of the concern, and even more so his employees worldwide raznonatsionalen.

This fact led to yet another aspect of the management policy multinatsionalizma: cosmopolitanization behavior nomenclature employees. However, we emphasize that the very "cosmopolitanization", despite the fact that production is the need to MNCs, that is, it would seem, there is always a necessary and inevitable everywhere in their actual policy is felt not always and not everywhere.

This setting does not work on the bottom step of sotsiopolitiki, but even pas upper stage - in elite politics - it is often replaced by the installation of the opposite - on nationalism (at inciting local nationalism). For example, in extreme situations in the life of the firm abroad. And even in the daily competition, it disappears as the appearance of a "diplomatic" necessary.

Offering a model...

In addition, the "internationalism" the manager is always dominant profirmennaya focus of its efforts. In fact, serving the interests of the company are subject to the legal, political and even moral compass. For example, working in any Asian or African branch manager of the English group of local or third country "must renounce any nationalistic approach, by clearly understood that ultimately serves only op-tion basis to shareholders of the company - stated the head of the American branch English firm "Ronson" Dr Jones.

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