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» » » The appearance of the functions...
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The appearance of the functions...

Автор: olegj от 30-12-2012, 19:46

The appearance of the functions...

The appearance of the functions of "identity" allowed... The appearance of the functions of "identity" has allowed the concern to step to a new level of organizational development, "has been growing rapidly kontsernovaya multistage structure." It is important to note that the establishment of a multi-stage structure characterized the "dual process of differentiation and integration." On the one hand, concerns decentralize the emergence of numerous branches, each with its own production task. On the other - at the highest level, created General Directorate, which were instructed to cooperate and work branches "plan in general corporate scale.

Thus, a new form of company was flexible. " There is no doubt that a significant role in the success of MNCs both productive and socially and politically played it timely decentralization of management of these giant organisms. It provided a high mobility management MNCs increased the value of the center, as the "shot" inevitable negative "derivatives" of centralization.

For example, IBM consciously set a goal to balance these two structures, making them complementary, not contrasted. When "it became clear that IBM is too monolithic and that prevents rapid decision-making cumbersome administrative structure, a project of decentralization.

The appearance of the functions...

" This second phase, ie, the introduction of decentralization, by meaning chimosti is next to the first: the creation of a coherent organization MNCs. And if the first stage can be defined as a stage of self-knowledge (as in the structure of MNCs appeared as if the management service management), the second stage ("dual process of differentiation and integration") was implementing the concept of proper potency, which allowed the state to step over the border. The dynamic changing roles of systems and subsystems provided the organizational process that has been called "multinationalization." Concerns for themselves and it was a quantitative and qualitative improvement.

"Every step required by each company increasingly complex administrative apparatus capable of coordinating any action that is meant to increase its brain to be able to plan their own growth. However, theoreticians MNCs noticeable... However, theorists MNC markedly hypertrophied as the "brain" in the structure of the Group, including its strategic source, the condition for further "ascent" of the firm. "The completion of integration on our own continent, was the beginning of the penetration of American corporations in other countries.

The new organizational structure and greater power allowed them to make the ball far concerns grew nationwide, they learned to operate internationally, and today is totally worth the multinational concern at the highest level.. obschekontsernovoy strategy thanks to the "pyramid of control.

" Thus, a key role in the transformation of "foreign company" in sotsiopromyshlenny complex bourgeois science sees the evolution of their organizational structure. Of course, there is the question of cost is that this evolution was not less than the life of the capitalist imperative for production systems.

This evolution has received the completion of the last stage of her in the highest - a multinational form dictated by the objective conditions. During the proliferation of internationalized production changed the content of this new organization, it became not just wider, and became integrated to include the international social activities. Organizational strength, acquired by multinationals in this evolution, was multiplied by the benefits of multinational business, which primarily require the political and social forces.

The appearance of the functions...

Sotsiopolitika internationally and highlighted a number of concerns from the previous business organizations, turning them into international sotsiopromyshlennye complexes. Together with financial, customs and other "characteristics of multinational" new activity, rather than the form provided quality gap from international corporations monopoly of the traditional type - "mononational.

The appearance of the functions...

" The multinational business put forward new demands on the business organization, the new imperatives. One of their sources was itself a new organization, demanded primarily staffing new and unique expertise. Specialists in a multinational enterprise management in the world was not. Therefore, they had to create. The organizational imperative that will evoke human imperative.

The need to "manage" added the need for a "researcher" and generally made all the more urgent the need for general facing our concerns: do social policy.

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